Letter to victim


Dear Neptune,

How are you doing? I hope you together with your mother could have some rest from all the troubles and disturbing moments of the last months. Glen was kind enough to forward this letter to you and thus helped me to come in contact with you.

I am one of the people who are mentioned in "The Findings" and my name is Jens. When I realized the bad nature of Swami I decided to do everything to expose him. It took some time until I came into contact with people who had similar experiences. We exchanged a lot of Informations and discussed the way how SB could be exposed effectively. The Findings are one result of these activities and other steps will follow. Glen helps a lot to coordinate and systematize the exposure work there in the USA and beyond. This helps a lot. When I came to know about your case I was deeply moved to tears and instantly remembered my own traumatic moments there in Puttaparthi. I feel a lot of compassion towards you and your mother as I myself experienced the demonic nature of SB who is a master of deception.

Neptune, you can be sure that a lot of honest ex-devotees make great sacrifices to expose and finally stop SB even at this moment. There are now serious investigations of special police forces in several countries (also Germany) and we have to wait for the results. Finally the media will also be informed and even my own lawyer said that it is no problem to inform the public through very popular (serious) magazines and newspapers. This will be done after the investigations of the authorities. We have to wait for their reaction. It might be different in each country but there are very hopeful signals. Anyway all the ex-devotees stay in close contact and are very busy to reveal the truth about the demon called SB or the Ravana of our modern age.

I wish you and your mother all the best and the blessing of the Almighty who is always full of compassion. I will pray to the Almighty that we will grant you a life full of bliss and joy.

Kind Regards

Jens Sethi