Pimping for Sai Baba and...

A Way out of Hell


Date: 05-10-02

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From: Glen Meloy

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Subject: Pimping for Sai Baba and... A Way out of Hell

Dear Friends,

What follows is the first of 15 pages of Boston.com reader comments asking Cardinal Law to resign. You can read all of them at..


After you have read them, please consider the following...

Surely it's time to also ask ALL the Sai Baba officers who have known about and covered up the many sexual molestation allegations against Sathya Sai Baba to also resign.

Anyone who continues to participate in the conspiracy to cover up these many documented cases of Sai Baba's sexual abuses against innocent boys and young men can rightfully be classified as "Pimping for Sai Baba."

It's an absolute shameful disgrace that many of the Sai Baba conspirators are Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Teachers and Mental Health Counselors. Yes, these so called professionals should be held to a higher standard of conduct and should be at the forefront of protecting against sexual abuse.

Most medical practitioners take an oath to do no harm; and in many countries are required to be mandatory reporters of any form of child abuse that comes to their attention. Yet, here we have the head of the Sai Organization in the USA, Dr. Michael Goldstein (A Licensed Medical Doctor in the State of California), telling the Father of the boy known as Sam Young, who had been sexually molested over 20 times by the fraud God, Sai Baba, that maybe his son is delusional.

And this was not just a face in the crowd of devotees unknown to Goldstein. This was the son of one of his Regional Spiritual Coordinators, a man who had been an active devotee since the early seventies. Nor was this the first time that Goldstein had ever been informed of these kinds of sexual abuses by Sai Baba. We now know that Goldstein knew about these abuses almost 20 years prior when he was named as one of the recipients of sexual abuse information from the 1981 letters sent by Dr. Hislop. Read them using the key search word of <Hislop> at http://home.hetnet.nl/~ex-baba/english.html

Goldstein was more concerned about making sure that Sai Baba's laudatory remarks about Goldstein were being preserved for posterity on videotape. What a shame!

There will be a day of reckoning and it will then be too late for Goldstein and his fellow conspirators to do the right thing. They will go down in disgrace and the entire world will know of their conspiracy and cover-up.

BUT, there is a way out of hell for Goldstein and his fellow conspirators... if they act now!

Some of you may remember the movie, Gandhi . One reviewer described one of my favorite scenes...

I especially like the part during the religious riots in Calcutta. Gandhi is on a hunger-strike until the violence stops. A Hindu rioter comes up to Gandhi and throws a piece of bread at him saying "Eat. I wont have your your death on my soul too... I am already going to hell." To which Gandhi replies "Only God decides who goes to hell." The rioter then explains how he killed a little Muslim boy by smashing his skull against a wall. He explains that the Muslims killed his little boy too. Gandhi just looks at him and says "I know a way out of hell... find a little boy, about yay high, and raise him as your own. Only make sure he's a Muslim, and that you raise him as one." I don't know if such a event ever took place, but I can see Gandhi saying something like this. So simple, yet it embodies the goodness of mankind.

So, for Goldstein and his fellow conspirators around the world, I say to  them... There is a way out of your hell... Visit every center and stand up and tell the truth about all the allegations. Write a letter and mail it to every member warning that there are serious sexual allegations that have been made against Sai Baba by organizations like UNESCO, many media stories both in print and on web sites, many personal affidavits and resignation testimonies due to the sexual abuses, reports to the FBI, CBI, House of Commons, the United Nations, The US State Department Travel Warning, A petition to the Supreme Court of India etc. etc. etc.

Let the members be told! Let the Mothers and Fathers, Relatives and Friends of the unsuspecting young males decide for themselves whether or not to place their children in harm's way by leaving them unattended behind the curtain of shame with Sai Baba.

Let the chips fall where they may. The Truth has to serve all, but at least do the right thing by stopping the secret conspiracy and cover-up and by informing all of the membership. Once that is done, then no one can accuse them of complicity any longer. They would have done their duty.

Sadly, I do not do not believe this will happen until they are forced by court order or are exposed to massive media accounts and/or civil lawsuits like is now happening to the Catholic Church.

Please post and distribute wherever you think it will do some good.

Much Love and Light,

Glen Meloy


Cardinal / Catholics' reaction Although he said he wants to lead the Archdiocese through this crisis, polls show a growing sentiment among Catholics that Cardinal Law should step down.


Your thoughts on Cardinal Law and the abuse scandal

Some have suggested that Cardinal Bernard Law should resign for his failure to remove former priest John Geoghan from contact with children years ago, when Law first learned of allegations that Geoghan was abusing boys. The cardinal has apologized for his inaction, but said he will not resign. We asked Boston.com users if they are satisfied with what Cardinal Law has said and done in the matter thus far, and if he should resign.


I think Bernard Law should resign. It has taken all this publicity to bring him to do something he should have done long ago. I don't trust his judgment and I don't think he is fit to lead the Catholic Church in this area!

Michelle, Boston


Cardinal Law should do the morally correct thing and resign. In my opinion, the church looking the other way is the same as condoning this abuse. I believe Cardinal Law is just as guilty as John Geoghan for crimes against innocent children.

Recovering Catholic, Melrose


If he really wants to do all he can to help the abused psychologically, he should step down now. Otherwise he is speaking out of both sides of his mouth. He had admitted knowing of abuse and not reporting it to authorities. As of this week that is now official Vatican policy. This is a Church acting outside of the law. At least charges should be brought against Mr. Law.

Ralph, Boston


I strongly feel that Cardinal Law should resign immediately; he is just as guilty as John Geoghan for allowing him to hurt so many children. His apologies are not sincere and he doesn't deserve to stay in his position. He could have make a difference in this case but opted to overlooked the crimes that Geoghan committed against those 130 children (or may be even more). The press and public should keep on pressing to get Cardinal Law to resign, he is a disgrace.

Pier, Waltham


Cardinal Law, as with anyone else who fails to to do their job as assigned, should resign from his position as archbishop. And why not? Take a look at Enron and the other companies whose CEOs are resigning for misconduct. Law is no different from any other shady CEO, and the Boston Archdiocese is no different from the other companies who engage in dubious activities. Law has forever tarnished his image and has violated our trust. For that he must leave.

Rich, Jamaica Plain


I truly believe Cardinal Law should resign. Having attended Catholic school as child, I know that one would ever say no to a priest. There seems to little concern on the part of the church for the victims, and many prayers for the criminal.

Maureen, Schenectady, NY


As a member of the clergy, I am appalled at the Cardinal's behavior. Years of compounded abuse have happened on his watch and a simple apology is not enough. It is time for him to really accept responsibility and step down.

Deborah, Framingham


I feel in order for the Archdiocese to go on and heal Law needs to resign. He has gathered around him his close advisors who are obviously out of touch with parishioners. It is in the best interest of his flock to resign handing over the reins to someone who is more in touch with the people of the parishes.

Ann, Casa Grande, Arizona


Cardinal Law should resign immediately. His failure to do so only adds to the mistrust and skepticism the faithful have in their church at a time when many are seeking true spiritual and Divine guidance in an often turbulent world. To think of the pain and suffering of over 100 children while Law turned a blind eye and ignorant ear. SHAME ! Cardinal - RESIGN NOW!

K.S., Hopkington


I hope that the Cardinal, upon some reflection, will come to the same conclusion that I'm sure many Catholics already have. That is: that the Catholic Church needs role models that will extend a hand to the young - not make them want to run the other way. Who is worse? The 'man' with an 'illness' or the 'man' that enables one with an illness? I wouldn't offer my alcoholic friend a drink? Nor would I give him directions to another bar.

Elizabeth, Boston