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Ex Baba (Ex Baba) at has decided that these anonymous assaults on him and his motives need to be made public and he intends them being replied by others as he sees fit.

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To: Ex Baba

Sent: Monday, February 17, 2003 9:02 PM

Subject: John Worldie, visitor to Sathya Sai Baba in 1969, lived in my rented cottage at 8 Whitefield Main Road

I saw your resume of John in page and was glad to hear of him again. I always wondered what became of him. I tried to lift your writing from your page using the clip-board but it would not copy to the clip-board.I wish that you would write the page in a simple manner of Font/format because copying all that from the page is too long time on-line.

It looks as if you have no knowledge of John's present email in Hawaii.
1969 is 34 years ago now so John is probably about 68 years' old.
I am 75 years' old now.
Actually John could be as little as 58 years' old.

Do you want me to write to you?

Whatever John may say or have suffered there is no doubt that his whole study and regard was turned around into a devout study of the Divine during the period that he was living in my rented cottage. After that he lived in a rented Garage, and slept on the concrete, studying the elements of Hindu Belief. Schuleman was too wordy for someone who only spent 5 minutes there and then wrote all those chapters. Schuleman's book has nevertheless had good effect on many lives and many people have felt uplifted by it. His comments on John W were very brash, unwarranted, rude, and ill-placed. Shame on you, Schuleman. [I have that book on my shelf, I must look at it again. I could never read it very much myself.]

I have a long history of Devine Search and study, coming through the church theology, and fortunately waking up to its lack of inspired thought or facts. Nowadays we know through Archeology what many of us suspected that The Bible book is a Black Creation typical of the Middle East. There indeed is a real fraud if you are looking for one to waste time on, and its priests have the most dreadful criminal history!

Then I came through to the Gurus via Ramakrishna, and now I have expressed myself in Mature Thought in Enlightenment written for
my own conversation with The Supreme.

During 1969 there is no doubt that John started on a real road of changed mind and Divine Study. He was a very big and good-looking boy and had to surmount obstacles because his wife (Rosemary) wanted to study and meditate without the intrusion of intimate relations for that period. John also had the severe experience of the cruel aspects of the so-called American Justice system. He also in himself was completely a-moral when cheating other persons for gaining money to live on. John would have no quarrel with that comment, and it is absolutely to his credit that in his full adult life he developed a clearly Divine Path which will always safeguard him.

During that time there were at least 6 persons to my knowledge who were touched sexually by SSB but as young men we did not know at that time that there is no need at any time for a Great Guru to touch the body of a devotee or disciple except for a brief Shakti-pat.In those days we were all at the beginning of our own real knowledge.Some of us got on OK later. Progress is usually not very fast, as with any other Science and Research.

However, the Real fact in Yoga or Religion is that the sincere and practicing Disciple will always be protected by the Divine Itself.It is the ones who are so busy writing books and spreading anger who no longer have time to do their necessary Sadhana. That is the real loss for Mr. M. Tal. But that is only to say that few potential sadhus succeed. If you don't like a place, then be strong and get out. Life owes you nothing.Great stamina and choice is needed. It is the same with any other Talent. We all know that.

I lived in India for 18 months and daily knew and discussed with John.I was present when he took the famous photo of SSB with the green canopy round him.

So nice to see your notes on the net, by the miracle of modern communication. Be careful that you are not plainly forgetting your own Path by turning towards these red herrings of Tal and his righteous anger.

SSB used to give us interview about every two weeks, but devotees made a lot of clap-trap by talking in the grounds instead of sharing real Research with each other, - always talking about Miracles and such distractions. The really important words to remember are those coming from Shirdi Sai Baba "The Way in this Place is severe and requires the Disciple to make great effort to
maintain strength, then Progress is assured!" - OK, so what's new!!!

Be Blessed and careful my friend. Do not let the intellectual cartileges at the end of your nose lead you astray from the main Path. Time is short. Intellectual analysis gains you Nothing and pins you down into the Space-Time Trap. You will never attain Sahaja Samadhi or even transcend Mind if anger and righteous spreading of scandal is your hobby.You don't have Time. Wake Up, and stop not till the Goal is Reached!


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From: Ex Baba


Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2003 1:21 AM

Subject: Re: John Worldie, visitor to Satya Sai Baba in 1969, lived in my rented cottage at 8 Whitefield Main Road

Hi mister Quantum,

Thank you very much for your mail.

Is it allowed to me (us) to publish your letter on exbaba? (With or without your mail address?)

When you agree, you can always change things before, so text which you don't want to be read by the readers of may be erased by you.

Below I copied the text you wanted.

Yes, I am interested in what you wrote:

It looks as if you have no knowledge of John's present email in Hawaii.

Could you give it to me?

I hope you agree in publication, if not, well, good friends also...

Ex Baba

Website moderator


John Worldie sexually abused by Sai Baba


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To: Ex Baba

Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2003 11:02 AM

Subject: Re: John Worldie, visitor to Satya Sai Baba in 1969, lived in my rented cottage at 8 Whitefield Main Road

Dear Ex Baba

What a prompt reply my note about Worldie. How clever of you, - but of course many over there are bi-lingual and you are helping all of us for our inquisitiveness. I wonder weather you are a boy or a girl, It makes no difference!

No, - my letter/notes cannot be published because if John had wished the Whitefield experience to be public he would have written his essay. So you have lost touch with him and his children! I heard that he was in Hawaii years ago from Howard Murphett. We think that Murphett is still living but as you know he must be nearly 100yrs. His wife, Iris, got cancer and died some years back.

(Iris was so sweet and spoke such truly beautiful English; she could have been easily on the Radio or television if she had desired.- truly beautifully modulated voice. I was able to help her during her illness when she wished to meet Mata Amritananda from the Kerala Ashram on a visit to Melbourne. [Known as the M.A. Foundation (for the World tours for collecting money for India)

I understand that the Kerala Ashram is completely crowded, absolutely noisy, and not a suitable place for visiting by an Australian Tourist. [Her meetings in Australia were so noisy bhajana that you need ear-plugs and ear-muffs the same as for protection against a Chain-Saw.Weird!! Very dangerous for the ears. Enormous Loud-Speakers at full Volume!]

I do appreciate the text of the Web-Page so that my record is complete.

It goes without saying that I am not a devotee of SSB and indeed I do not think that I ever was at any time. I was doing Sadhana and I had many interviews with SSB in Madras, Bangalore, Whitefield, and Bombay. He knew right from the start that I was from the Inner Temple of the Presence.

As I said before, - I say again, - the main thing is to be careful that all this discussion is left to the Police in India and their discretion.

A Sadhaka risks getting badly mis-directed if he does not keep a tight grip on his Sadhana and interest. - After all, - it is he or she who is going to die soon. No Master is risking anything. Most devotees are not really Disciples and they talk/chatter like starlings and crows!! John Worldie became a good devout changed man for his Adulthood and he may easily have passed away in death now. Lots of people die after the age of 55yrs. Yes, John W talked like an American hippie during the time when he was selling contraband watches and drugs which he had brought as smuggling for disposal in Goa. As you can tell from the main green Photo in the garden at Whitefield SSB was very friendly, and smiling with John, giving him every opportunity to take his Photos. John had a whole case of Cameras.

Do you want a little story? - One day John lost an article out of his heavy ruck-sack. He became very suspicious that a little boy had stolen the object from his sack. The boy looked 'little' but was in fact almost certainly 16 years' old. The boy went and complained to SSB, that the American had wrongly accused him of stealing, and that he was now afraid of The American. (No wonder! - John could have eaten him for breakfast!!)

Sathya Sai Baba looked at the boy and said, "Do not worry, it is not your fault! The missing object is right down at the bottom of the narrow side-pocket of the sack, - where The American himself put it!" The boy told John, and immediately the lost object was found.

A Devotee-Sadhaka should never accuse a Master, even if the Master is as guilty as hell! That is the job of the Police. The Devotee should just walk out of the Ashram and follow his Path. Life is too precious to be trivialized and wasted by such ideas as scandal, or making books, or spreading a big "hubbub" here and there. All these 'devotees' who pretend to be so 'injured' are just weak and uninformed. Deep Occult Divinity is no place for them. They have misunderstood everything. The Police have already ruined their lives by putting on a Blue or Gray, or Green Uniform and it is their job to lose their life like that.

But a wise Sadhaka-disciple knows that God is Omnipresent as The Atma and the Param-Atma, and just walks out of the Ashram to go to another 'place'. First learn that you are neither Space, nor Time, - then it will be soon enough to decide whether anybody 'walks out' from anywhere!!

Here is a Web-Site which I thought seems quite good if you want some fun on a winter-evening

Thank you for your kind response and help. What a dreadful winter. You must keep warm!


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From: Ex Baba


Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 9:06 AM

Subject: Request

Dear Quantum,

From historical view your storie(s) is (are) valuable to us, that is why I write you again.

We are always trying to get as much evidence for the things we claim, and that is why your storie(s) is (are) important for us.

Is it possible that you write us your views for publication on, because, reading you remarks I should say, why not give our readers his points (and ofcourse the data) he offers?

It is for them to learn something about it, and to make their own judgements...

(Or, is it possible, because you are a historical witness,to giving us permission to publicize a part of your comments in your mail,for our readers to see, or even a shortened version.)

And further, are you sure - if you decide to write us your story - to remain anonymous?

Ofcourse that is always possible, we have other anonymous stories on

I (we) hope that you will write a fine stories to us!

Thanks in advance for you answer !

Ex Baba


I am a man.

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To: Ex Baba

Sent: Friday, February 21, 2003 3:59 AM

Subject: Re: Request

You very clearly have not understood the message, have you?

I don't come down lower than the Disciple level, - and even at that level I only give a Web Site address from places which I have heard of. I gave you that.

You have not understood! - ALL your readers and 'members' are wasting their time while in Incarnation. They have become addicted to the anger of your Web-site. THAT is the root of their mistaken direction. If they call themselves 'ex-baba' and enjoy that title, - fine! - start to be 'ex-baba' by walking out of the Whitefield and Putta-Parthi Gate! That goes for yourself as well, - in which case there is no longer any reason for your Site to exist. The Raison-d'etre has gone!

You and your friends have only a few days to live. Why waste them? Forget SSB and find inspiration by creative energy elsewhere. You have not seen the point. You are dying within Space-Time. Attacking some Master somewhere, or weeping, or your members chasing their angers, or regretting their stupid Lives will not help them, AND NOBODY CARES!!

Increasing the essays on your Site will not help. It will merely cement the neurosis of a particular member(s). If a member is not at the level required, then he should take a wife and raise a familytill he understands more. In any case YOUR Site cannot help him. Your Site only desires to eat FORBIDDEN FRUIT, - i.e. anger, sex misunderstanding, commiseration with stupid persons, chewing the betel-nut of revenge, self-pride, inappropriate lust, and probably gluttony itself. Therefore it is for you yourself to wake-up first and stop stimulating all these people into a WRONG PATH!

But you are not interested in such an idea, - because you have lost your own Path - and while lying on your death-bed, you notice someone (me) passing from a previous interest, - and you say with your last breath "give me a scandal which I can publish !"

- Come on!! - Hardly a Prayer that will be granted.

Tell your friends to wake up to themselves, and start standing on their own feet, because your web-site has nothing further of benefit for their PATH!