Evil Has Increased under SSB's Reign


Date: 08-03-02

From: Dennis Hanisch

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7. "Re: Evil Has Increased Under SSB's Reign", from Dennis J. Hanisch

8. "Evil Has Increased Under SSB's Reign (2)", from Dennis J. Hanisch

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10. "Evil Has Increased Under SSB's Reign (3)", from Dennis J. Hanisch

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Subject: [Sathya Sai Baba Expose Forum] Evil Has Increased under SSB's Reign

To All Devotees,

SSB claims to be the Lord of All Lords walking this earth. He has promised many times that "things will better," and he will have a significant effect. My purpose here is to give a few examples and indications that indeed evil actually has been increasing under SSB's reign. Many people are even saying, "the whole world has gone mad!"

How we understand and respond to evil is a question that seems to come to the forefront in these times. I learned recently that Edgar Cayce, America's famous 'sleeping prophet' (1877-1945, http://www.edgarcayce.org), treated evil as very real. From his viewpoint there are at least five "angles" or "faces" to evil with respect to how we understand and relate to it in our daily lives.

One of the faces can be called extremism. If an aspect of the Christ Consciousness is the meeting point between extremes--or the middle path (Buddhism teaches the middle path)--then one face of evil is the going off to extremes.

Is not our world full of extremes and extremists? And are not many denying the validity of any counter-balancing point of view?

I am thinking of the little girl who was recently raped and killed by an adult male in California. We have discovered that a large number of priests have regularly abused children. A man in South Africa was recently convicted of raping a 9 month old child. In the USA many little girls are abducted from their homes, raped and murdered. I can distinctly remember when this sad state of affairs was not the case.

Yesterday, I read on http://www.schwartzreport.net evidence that the economic situation of masses of people have become much more extreme:

"Although 200 million people saw there incomes fall between 1965 and
1980, more than 1 billion people experienced a drop from 1980 to 1993..."

In Sub-Saharan Africa, twenty nations remain below their per capita incomes of two decades ago while many Latin American and Caribbean countries, eighteen are below their per capita incomes of ten years ago.

UNUP reported in 1996 that 100 countries were worse off than 15 years ago. Three decades ago, the people in well-to-do countries were 30 times better off than those in countries where the poorest 20 percent of the world's people live. By 1998, this gap had widened to 82 times (up from 61 times since 1996)..."

By the way, one third of the population of the country of Bangladesh has recently been displaced by floods. The weather and climate is certainly becoming more extreme. ( What is the Sai organization doing to alleviate the suffering in Bangladesh? Don't spiritual people feel the suffering of others as their own? Isn't this just the tip the the iceberg?)

The many broken promises of SSB regarding his effect on the state of the world and the consciousness of mankind should be a red flag for us all. And maybe it behooves us to first research and review exactly what those promises are. Is not SSB a fraud avatar who has deceived us all?! Comments welcomed.

Best wishes,

Dennis J Hanisch


You are back on a theme that you have, I think, touched on before. This sort of information is excellent. I am wondering if you could cobble what you have said previously and in the piece you have just sent to Sanjay's forum into one entire piece. I would think that, if they have not thought to do so already, Lionel at Saiguru and Renier or Andries at Exbaba would consider featuring it somewhere on their sites.

Love, Barry

Hi Barry,

I may go through some of my old posts and try to combine the important ideas. I think this latest post regarding the fact that evil is actually increasing under SSB's reign could be the major springboard. Anyone has my permission to edit any of my material and delete any material to make it more suitable for a website according to their judgement.

Take care, Dennis

sb is Lord of the Flies. I notice his perversions are prevalent on the
planet indicating many 'like' souls incarnating at this time from the
lower astrals......ONS... Tony

From: marswalker108

Date: Fri Aug 2, 2002  10:24 p.m.

Subject: Re: Evil Has Increased Under SSB's Reign

Listening to TV and radio the last 2 weeks, it seems that hell has opened its lowest gates and let everything loose! All we seem to hear or see are tragedies wherein young girls are abducted, raped, and murdered. I think one reason these cases are grabbing the headlines are that they are becoming more extreme. This is really grotesque and sick. Remember, I pointed out in my last post that when situations  become more extreme, it is a sign that evil is on the increase.

It is obvious here in the USA that something has really altered society. I remember decades ago when we had a much higher level of decency.

Why hasn't SSB been an example, a world role model, an inspiration to effect change for the better? Instead evil is obviously on the increase. IF SSB is a true guru and avatar would he not inspire each of us and teach us to change for the better--Should not each one of us must make the individual effort to become more positive and spiritual? Why has he not been the catalyst?

During the 20 years I regularly attended SSB study circles, the issue of SSB not traveling came up many times. The excuse usually heard was that SSB had to first clean up his own backyard.

This is synchronicity but today's issue of   "The Arizona Republic" (Fri, Aug 2, p A23) ran an article on just one small portion of the corruption widespread in India today. Extracts from the article follow:

"...Millions of Indians have become accustomed to crippling power outages, sometimes accompanied by water shortages caused by a combination of widespread corruption in government ran utilities and the common practice of illegally tapping power from overhead lines.

Residents also tamper with electricity meters, and politicians order subsidized or free power for farmers to win votes, pushing utilities to overdraw power or into bankruptcy."

...Power Minister Suresh Prabakar Prabhu said that losses are currently at 5.4 billion and that about half of all power is stolen."

SSB is almost 77 years old. Why hasn't he effected positive change in his own backyard? We need to acknowledge that SSB's legacy of broken promises is a reality we must all face. SSB is a fraud avatar who has deceived us all!

Best wishes,

Dennis J. Hanisch

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Subject: Re: Evil Has Increased Under SSB's Reign

Dear Dennis,

It's good that you have, in this present email, given your o.k. to the former devotee webmasters to make use of your material on the increase of evil in the world despite all that ssb has said about coming to purify it.

I trust that you can find time to massage your various materials into one piece. This will mean that you remain, stylistically and systematically at the centre of your own work.

Your contributions really deserve wider circulation. Your name is also one that has been consistently with the Expose, and I think it is good that certain former devotees' contributions keep on coming, so that the credibility factor keeps on increasing.

Much Love,


Re: Evil Has Increased Under SSB's Reign


Date: 08-08-02

By: marswalker108 (Dennis J. Hanisch)

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Subject: Re: Evil Has Increased Under SSB's Reign

To all devotees,

If the premise previously outlined is true--one "face" or "angle" of evil is extremism--the recent gross corruption of US corporations and their CEOs stands out as a 'very sore thumb.'

This morning on public radio I heard the fact that the New Jersey Pension System has lost 20 billion US dollars the last few years.

They are starting a lawsuit--especially, since a resigned CEO from a company they invested in is building a 60 million home in Florida from his salary and extra perks.

Today, on the front page of "The Wall Street Journal," in the columns titled 'What's News' are four examples relating to extreme corporate fraud. Consider the example:

"Tyco may have spent over $135 million to benefit L. Denis Kozlowski, the former CEO who resigned in June before being charged with tax evasion. Investigators say the funds were used for loans or for the CEO's charitable donations another personal spending. Among the biggest items, Tyco secretly wiped clean $25 million in loans in 1999."

We already know about huge bankrupt companies such as Enron who mislead investors by 'cooking the books'--fraudulent off balance sheet accounting.

The above are just a few examples related to the economy of how evil has increased under SSB's reign. Of course, any questions about the economy only concern one aspect of our lives and the world's problems.

One only needs to read, "Sathya Sai Speaks" to learn of the many broken promises of Sathya Sai Baba. These broken promises regarding SSB's effect on the state of the world and the consciousness of mankind should be a 'red flag' for all of us. Why has evil increased all over the world the last few decades? If SSB is a true guru or avatar, would he not inspire us and teach us to change for the better? Why has he not been the catalyst for people to become more positive and spiritual? Many true saints have taught the fact that to bring peace to the world, we must start with ourselves, individually.

Maybe, we should Ask ourselves, "How far have we wondered from truth?" What are the divine laws, a part of the Universal Absolutes which have been set before mankind by God? These laws were made clear to us through great saints such as Jesus and the Rishes of ancient India.

Best wishes,

Dennis J. Hanisch

Evil Has Increased Under SSB's Reign (2)

By: marswalker108 (Dennis J. Hanisch)

Date: Mon Aug 12, 2002 7:44 p.m.

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Subject: Evil Has Increased Under SSB's Reign (2)

To All Devotees,

During the present era we are living in, the "face" of evil of extremism can easily be noticed in many aspects of our lives. For example, during the last few decades there has been a very noticeable increase in the obsession with sex and drugs. Any many people, especially from the younger generation, demand their gratification "now". This has contributed to the lowering of the consciousness of mankind.

In the news recently, we heard or read about a pornographic ring wherein the parents in the ring sexually molested their own children. The pictures were posted on the Internet! The members arrested are from the USA and Europe. Is this not a very sick case of extreme behavior?!

It boils down to the choices people make in their thoughts, words, and deeds. The question is: "Why has not SSB inspired the people of the world to make better choices?" Why has he not been a role model to effect change and transformation for the better?

It is important on the spiritual quest to have confidence in God. How can anyone have confidence in SSB when he has a proven record of many broken promises? To paraphrase SSB, he has indicated that there is absolutely no knot too complicated for him to untie. Is not SSB a fraud avatar who has deceived us all? Let's wake up before it is too late.

Comments welcomed.

Best wishes,

Dennis J Hanisch

Re: Evil Has Increased Under SSB's Reign (2)


From: harisampath

Date: Wed Aug 14, 2002  7:13 a.m.

Subject: Re: Evil Has Increased Under SSB's Reign (2)

To call the past few decades as "Sai Baba's reign" is not at all accurate, as Sai Baba has by no means "reigned" anywhere. Even in India, he is not a national figure, and just a regional religious, controversial figure with followers from overseas nations.

In a recent nationwide poll conducted by the leading magazine OUTLOOK INDIA, to determine the top Indian personality of the last 55 years , Sai Baba was not even in the 50 people nominated to be considered.
Mother Theresa got the Top Indian award (Mahatma Gandhi was not part of this poll as it was felt that he shouldn't be made an object of such polls). Other spiritual leaders weer nominated like Aurobindo

It goes to show that Sai Baba is not even an influence in India... in fact he is not even an influence regionally. He is mentioned by the press only once a year, in page 12 among regional news, where the
mention is probably 3-4 lines, upto a maximum of one paragraph.

The Expose has got him more press coverage in the last 3 years than all his so called "avataric activities" of the last 60 years !! But of course we all know how the expose coverage has been.

Sai Baba is a fraud, a cheat, and a cheap pedophile .... and the world has already seen it, and accepted it... just the heavily dependent devotees still have their heads in a cloud and dream of a spiritual utopia, ......which will certainly come... but, after they realize the true facts about Sai Baba, which will certainly happen too.


Hari Sampath

Evil Has Increased Under SSB's Reign (3)


Date: 08-28-02

From: marswalker108

Document date: Sun Aug 25, 2002  10:09 p.m.

Subject: Evil Has Increased Under SSB's Reign (3)

To All Devotees:

The gross atrocities on the women of India in SSB's own backyard has been drastically on the rise during the last decades. Carol S. Conrad wrote a remarkable article on this subject entitled "Chronic Hunger and the State of Women in India." The URL for her article and the several references used is: http://www.thp.org/reports/indiawom.htm   A small extract follows:

"In recent years, there has been an alarming rise in atrocities against women in India. Every 26 minutes a women is molested. Every 34 minutes a rape takes place. Every 42 minutes a sexual harassment incident occurs. Every 43 minutes a woman is kidnapped. And every 93 minutes a woman is burnt to death over dowry......One-quarter of the reported rapes involve girls under the age of 16, but the vast majority are never reported......Legal protection of woman's rights have little effect in the face of prevailing patriarchal traditions."

Certainly, the string of horror stories in India newspapers the last few years cannot be denied. It has even been claimed that more than 80 percent of women of all classes experience some form of sexual abuse during childhood. And there has been a staggering rise in recent years in the reported cases of child abuse in Delhi alone.

Amnesty International conducted an interesting campaign initiated Nov 22, 1998 against rape and sexual abuse in the Indian states of Assam and Manipur (http://www.amnestyusa.org/news/1998/32002898.htm).

"Members of Amnesty International specialist women and children's groups in 30 countries world-wide will be writing to the Central Government and state authorities in India calling on them to take immediate steps to prevent the sexual torture of women and children, to ensure that investigations are carried out, that those found responsible are prosecuted...

The cases highlighted in this campaign include children who have been sexually abused and raped by members of the armed forces in Manipur, and women who have been raped by members of the armed forces...

While acknowledging that in some cases stern action has been taken to bring perpetrators of rape to justice in recent years, Amnesty International remains concerned at the high incidence of rape with impunity in the two states, and at the manner in which this grave human rights violation is being addressed by authorities."

If any doubt remains about my assertion regarding the sad state of affairs with respect in the plight of women in India please engage a typical search engine such as http://www.google.com and type in the words 'atrocities on women from India." Remember, I have only emphasized sexual abuse in this commentary and there are many ways wherein the rights of women are abused.

SSB is nearly 77 years old. He claims to be the "Lord of All Lords." We know that he has repeatedly emphasized that his main objective is to improve the situation in India, as India is to demonstrate to the whole world an example of righteousness and prosperity based on it.

Devotees, I sincerely ask you the question: "If SSB is a purna avatar, why has there not been a noticeable influence by him on Indian society?" Specifically, why has the evil of the atrocities against women in India increased under his reign? SSB has said,"

Countries are like carriages. The engine is God. The first carriage is India..." Is India being an example to the world at large today?

Please e-mail questions at :


Best wishes,

Dennis J Hanisch