Response Series, Part One





Response Series, Part One 

Posted: Barry Pittard, Australia,

Reference: My post, Wednesday, July 23.    

Note: As various Exposť activists know all too well, whose contact details are publicly available, there are many emails by Sai devotees which persistently refuse to answer questions universally accepted as straightforward and honest. The demonising tendency is exeedingly common, and often intense. So much so that it is clear that many Sai devotees are so blinkered that they cannot see the obvious - that the former devotee ranks are full of individuals whose integrity, good citizenship and commonsense no-one else in the world assails. 

Seema's emails to me contain so many Sai devotees' points (often made in a more scattered manner) that I shall regard her letter as reflecting so many, and now run a series of ten or so instalments - each quite short - of my longer reply to her. At some point, I shall see whether I can archive my full response, and, only with her permission, her own letter. 

At least Seema cared to write, rather than simply to shun. She lets her feelings out, rather than suppresses them. She damns, but do we not sense, too, that there is a part of her that would really love to bless?


To Seema, Part 1. 

(Seema's comments in red)

I see a very great difference between the things that stir your light filled friends and my light filled friends.


What do you think your light-filled friends would do?  Suppose they were in direct contact with boys and young men, their families, their friends, and responsible citizens and professionals who, from many countries round the world, provide accounts of sexual molestation by Sathya Sai Baba?  Let me ask you:  


Do you think they should shut up?


Do you think that they should not consult senior lawyers, police and sexual abuse therapists? 


Do you think that they should not take sworn affidavits and present them to their governments and national police forces, and attempt to bring the matters within the jurisdiction of Indian government and law and beyond?


Do you agree that it would be a sign of their good faith that they, having no mischievous intention to hide that they would approach the highest government and police officials in their many countries?


Furthermore, would it not be a further sign of their good faith that they would go to such enormous, exceptionally difficult and unflagging efforts to bring these matters to the attention of the authorities?


I agree with you that Glen Meloy is a loving and courteous guy.


He certainly is. And would have to be, since he wrote back to you despite your manner of address to him because here, among other things, is what you said to him. Are these the words of love and courtesy?


"It shows your vast spiritual ignorance ... You will find one thing in common with all of them there (sic) lives are filled with pain and misery because of the lies that they have told about Sathys (sic) Sai Baba ... Do you remember that Jesus was hanged? It was by people like yourself who are too dense to feel divinity inside the human form."


Glen suggested that I contact all of the so-called victims and believe me I have read all of the testimonies on the net.


There is a real difference between reading "all of the testimonies on the net" and doing as Glen suggested: actually dealing person to person with those who share their first-hand sexual molestation accounts. I can tell you from my own experience of speaking to many of them - and confidently say on behalf of many of my former devotee colleagues who have also spoken with many of the boys, young men and their families - your gut will be sickened, and your heart pierced through and through. Fortunately, a grace then manifests. For, there is then the joy of responding to the profound ethical and moral issues. You will then wish to render commensurate service with a natural human love, compassion and humility. Given this, I think you would have no difficulty finding victims who can share such accounts with you. You will find many who are not at all persons of the kind you - so cruelly and unjustly - portray.


And the strangest thing that happened to me is that I was able to read and still get a very clear picture of exactly what happened to each of these victims.


Are you a mind reader? Do you have invincible knowledge of what went on in the hearts and minds of all these boys and young men?

You told me that I do not know Sai Baba...


I said that there is a dark side that you clearly do not know.