Response Series, Part Two





Response Series, Part Two 

Posted: Barry Pittard, Australia,


Note: A long letter from an SSB devotee named Seema is the basis for this series, in which the one devotee's letter is seen to reflect many points scattered throughout many devotee letters received by SSB Expos activists.

Seema's remarks are in red.


... and I say to you that I could write a book about all of the wonderful experiences that I have had with him.


I have actually written a book about my experiences with SSB, and of the extended phenomena associated with him - what are often called 'miracles' and 'leelas.' It had a publisher interested, but I shall not attempt to publish until I have written up my account of experiences that depict his other side. Yes, I had countless magnificent experiences. Writing what became, unexpectedly, the first part of the book was the utterly loving labor of three years writing, full time, a huge task. Now, I am compelled to admit of the terrible just as I admit of the wonderful. There are other former devotees who have written books when they were still devotees, which I understand they do not now wish to publish, because they do not want to extend his renown. In my own case, I shall be happy to publish, undiluted, what I have written. However, it will not go without contextualisation of my experiences since I began to investigate, very intensively and widely, in September 1999. This followed the seminal Nexus articles of September-October of that year.


Just because you sat at the feet of Sai for twenty five years does not mean anything to me. I have seen people sit at the feet of great men for so long and not even an inkling of a transformation took place within them.


Why do you take such a remark out of context? My remark intends no more than suggest that, at best, others and I who have been with SSB for decades have had plenty of time to be exposed had we been liars or frivolous people. Yet you presume to say of Glen and well over four hundred JuST petition signatories that their "lives are filled with pain and misery because of the lies that they have told about Sathys (sic) Sai Baba." In fact, the contrary is true: there is a tremendous sense of loving service and compassion. We are not liars, and is it not very presumptuous of you to say so?