Response Series, Part Four





Response Series, Part Four

Posted: Barry Pittard, Australia, August 4, 2003


Note:  A long letter from an SSB devotee named Seema is the basis for this series of excerpts, in which the one devotee's letter is readily seen to reflect many points scattered throughout many devotee letters received by SSB Exposé activists.

Seema's remarks are in red. 

You spoke about Jesus. I can tell you that if he was alive there would be a rumour on the internet that he just absolutely loves prostitutes. Then all the little prostitutes would come out and say where and when they touched him.

It was the Pharisees (the religious authorities at that time and place) who were at the centre of the mischief - full of self-righteousness, sanctimoniousness and hatred.

Seema, you do great injustice to many hundreds of good and decent former devotee women, men and young people when you make this analogy. Those who know them well do not call them liars, or say that they are in pain and misery for offending against God, as you do. Clearly, you do not know the people of whom you speak such harsh words. 

Without speaking to a reasonable cross-section of those who accuse SSB of sexually molesting them, you liken them to prostitutes. Former devotees distinguished in the law, sexual abuse counseling, teachers (primary, secondary and tertiary), and a range of other professions who have spoken to them, and taken documentation, from them, do not agree with you. Together, we have amassed voluminous evidence, and presented it to UNESCO, UNICEF, national governments, and Interpol, FBI, CBI New Delhi and other national law enforcement agencies, as well as the best quality media. What have you done, except try to slander a great many former devotees? People who - at great personal cost, and feeling an anguished sense of betrayal by the one they had so loved - have carefully and responsibly investigated and produced solid evidence?


... Eventually they would hang him and all the little internet bad mouthers would go to the hanging and they would claim victory.


Please forgive a momentary divergence from your point. Even though Robert Priddy has corrected you, as millions of people would be able to do, you persist in the notion of Jesus having been hanged. He was crucified.


They would say see we have been telling you bastards all along. If he was the son of God then he would have saved himself or better yet his father should have saved him.


Nothing will save SSB. Be sure of it, and it is best not to expect that he will travel abroad as he has so long promised to. The badmouthers did try to have a field day with Jesus. However, it was without evidence. We do not badmouth. We do our utmost - at cost of great effort - to expose the facts, and are not afraid of any properly reputable court of law.




Did all of the little homos who went to the Ashram and claimed that Sai Baba buggered them take proper lie detector tests?


Which "little homos"?  Will you name them specifically, and present your evidence?  If you do not, how can anyone attempt to check the validity of what you say?


Do you accept that a homosexual minor can be seduced by an adult, and that this is a crime on the part of the adult? The tawdry attempt by some defense counsel in sexual abuse trials that the minor 'led' the adult on is now forbidden in thousands of law courts around the world.


Have you considered that it is your own prejudice that prevents your seeing the stark truthfulness in former devotee accounts?  How jaundiced must a person be not to see the facts. Simply, that the allegations are not slander from "little homos" but properly presented evidence, including that of many parents and former officials in the Sathya Sai Organisation who were never, either as devotees or citizens in their own communities, regarded as other than truthful.


Seema, when you wrote the phrases "little homos," and “little prostitutes,” were you coming out of love?


Did you know that (so called) lie detector tests are not accepted as compelling evidence in courts of law in democratic countries? Do you know why? It may be that you are naive and really not the 'very educated' person you have claimed, or that you entertain some very anti-democratic tendencies regarding quintessential points about justice. Jesus said, "By their fruits ye shall know them." Our standing as law abiding citizens has has a weight that lie detector tests cannot remotely equal.


Actually, some former devotees (a public example was Dennis Hanisch) have suggested that former devotees gladly take up the challenge from Sai devotees to undergo lie detector tests. I have advised against it, not only pointing out the known pitfalls of lie detector tests but emphasizing that our essential job is to unmask Sathya Sai Baba and those leaders who cover up his transgressions, and to submit them to forces of the law