Response of the President of the

Central Council, Mr. John C. Evans,



Here is the letter from Evans.

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August 20, 2000

Dear E.A.E. Evers Meinardi

Thank you for your recent communication.

The exceptional part of the one consciousness that is known as Sathya Sai Baba has spent the time in manifestation trying to teach the multitudes Advaitic Vedanta. Unfortunately, only a few have recognized this.

In the May 2000 Sanatha Sarati, page 144, he says

"If one voices criticism loudly, it will be lost in thin air, if one criticises within, it goes to one's own self. Either way, it does not reach me. I am always filled with bliss. Bliss is My form. I am beyond pleasure and pain. Only those who have bodily attachment are elated by pleasure or depressed by pain. But I am absolutely not conscious of the body. You are always conscious of the world and are related to it. That which is related to the Atma is consciousness. I am Absolute Consciousness. In fact, all are the embodiments of conciousness, so, all are divine. Once you realize this truth, you will never take the wrong path.


Man's conflict and unhappiness stem from his obsessive preoccupation with security and survival based upon two fundamental misconceptions. One, that is separate and distinct from the rest of creation; and two, that he has independent free will in the choice of action to determine the results of events within that creation. This tremendous mis-understanding itself constitutes man's fall from divine grace, referred to in the Biblical fable of Adam and Eve as the knowledge of good and evil.

From: A Net of Jewels by Ramesh Balsekar

August 11th reading

It was signed:

John C. Evans
3324 N. Capt. Colton Lane
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
520-213-0480 (TEL)
520-226-8460 (FAX)

Friends, what an anemic response from the Council President. He doesn't even have the courage of stating his own opinion. He is hiding behind the robe and the language of the worst molester on the face of the earth.

Instead of responding , he is quoting a demon who has raped and molested our friends.

God, I am ashamed of these individuals that were representing all of us. As far as I am concerned, they are cowards and complicitors in this huge cover-up that has been going on for many years; and now they are trying to hide behind the teachings of Advaitha.

My friends, just try and use an Advaitic defense in a court of law. The law doesnt deal in claims of illusions and dreams. It deals with the reality of the here and now and with the cold hard facts.

And the longer these creeps remain in denial, the more they can legitmately be accused of being conspirators and accomplices of contributing to the rapes and molestations of thousands of innocent young men.

Another Medical Doctor in Denial. The sai organization seems to be filled with these creatures. They have no compassion whatsoever about the victims. They won't even put on their clinical hats and do what any decent doctor does......namely, get the facts and then make the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

What poor examples for the healing profession. They should lose their license to practice Medicine. They are not fit to deal with the sick and the wounded. Where in the Physician's desk reference or the Merk Manual does it recognize the validity of advaita for approved therapy???

Friends, I think it is time to start compiling a list of these health care professionals who are in denial and to report them to the various medical organizations that have credentialed them.

If these criminal acts had occured here in the USA, they have an absolute duty to report. But not these pious so called leaders. That is why we have to do everything in our power to expose and hold all of them accountable.

Friends, I have said this before and I will say it again. We need to have the proper resources to file legal actions against these individuals. Isn't there anyone out there who knows somebody that might help us? Surely our cause is just? Surely, we are on the right side of the Truth? Surely these atrocities need to stop now?

We need your help now!