Sai Baba comes down heavy on his detractors


Many new explorations since december 27 2000 have been made and clearly pointed out that Sai Baba turns out to be a gay pedophile... or at least a practisizing homoseksual.

BANGALORE: Sri Sathya Sai Baba on Monday lashed out at his detractors in a rare display of anger while delivering a discourse during Christmas at Brindavana, Whitefield ashram. Baba has hardly reacted to criticisms or allegations and came down hard in an obvious response to a cover story in a magazine that contained derogatory references recently. Speaking to a huge gathering, he said Jesus Christ underwent many hardships and was put to the cross because of jealousy.

Jesus Chris was never accused for sexual abuse, and that was correct, because... he never did...

Many around him could not bear the good work he did and the large number of followers he gathered. One of his disciples, Judas, betrayed him. In those days there was one Judas, but today there are thousands, Baba said, just as that Judas was tempted to betray Jesus, the Judases of today too are bought out to lie.

This is certainly not true, I don't get a single dollar or Euro for doing this job on

Jealousy was the motive behind the allegations levelled at him, he said.

I was never jealous on Sai Baba, I wasn't even a devotee...

``People love and follow Sai because of the truth I stand for and the love that is my basis,'' he declared.

... because people themselve chose to do that, this has nothing to do with Baba, but it does explain the beautiful stories on the 'miracles' and sayings from Baba

People use money in different ways, some use it to propagate hatred and falsehood when it should be used for the good of humankind, he said.

Again... I don't get a single penny for and I am sure no one in the Expose does...

In Rayalseema, people had no water to drink even from the times of the British regime. ``There have been many leaders representing it, but who has done anything?'' he asked. The Sathya Sai water project brought water to every house there. Baba reminded his detractors of the super speciality hospitals, free education and other welfare measures he has undertaken. While most schools demand huge capitation fee from children who can't even write the alphabets, who is educating them free of cost?, he asked. In Bangalore, a super speciality hospital to be inaugurated on the January 19, 2001, will cure thousands free of cost. Which minister has ever done anything like that, he asked

Just to cover the bad side... or just... whatever... he never worked for the money, he just gets it by donations, so it is very easy for him to do 'good', this man is a schizophrenia...

Coming down heavily on politicians, Baba said all of them looked only for publicity and have done nothing for the needy.

Completely untrue, does an Avatar really say these things, what an expression of short view!

``People are trying to stop me but can do nothing.

Trying to stop him from the sexual abuse, which is very difficult when there are so many guards in the ashram...

There will soon be more such hospitals,'' Baba said. ``The trouble with some is that they cannot see the sanctity of thought and feelings behind all this.''

Beautiful said yes, but there is an other Truth behind these word, which he is trying to hide for so many years...

In an obvious reference to some of what has been written against him in the recent days, Baba said that many have been bought and they speak against him for the money they have received to do so.

For the third time: No, this is not true, working on is not being paid for, and it is the same with the others!

Baba said that many feared his growing popularity.

Ofcourse not! This man is just an sexually active abusive homoseksual, that is all...

Devotees have been offered money to say nasty things, he said.

For the fourth time: No, No, No, what is this man trying to do? This... 'Avatar', trying to seed black currents between people?

``All those who sin will face consequences,'' he added.

... and Baba first ofcourse, there will be a time that he must face his sins!

``Today, love is fragmented and hatred is strengthened. People have forgotten the values and greatness that India has in its cultural folds.

... but which had nothing to do with Sai Baba's influence, except for the economy in Puttaparty, ok, ok... but that is not WHOLE INDIA alone...

The influence of the West is corrupting the minds of Indians,'' Baba lamented.

No, we are just exposing your criminal activities on young boys mister Baba!

Elaborating on some of his planned welfare schemes, Baba said a housing complex for widowed women with children, who have no means of livelihood, is being constructed at Puttaparthi. Moved by a news report that a widow poisoned her child and committed suicide - unable to gather money needed to survive - Baba has deposited one lakh rupees as fixed deposit in a bank in the names of many such lesser-privileged. ``They can live on the interest they get and I am educating their children,'' Baba said.

Baba has just being donated by the numerous donations, he does not need to work for it...

He challenged his detractors to emulate him to the extent of even one thousandth

Hey Wolff, didn't you say this yourself? Oh, you read this article too, I understand...

and called on his devotees not to be carried away by these scandalous reports and remain steadfast. Cultivate and spread love.

Say... David, stop with the Baba nonsense, but continue with you positiveness in life, you don't really need this man, you can do it yourself... honestly, you just need to try!


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