A letter I wrote to Sai Critic


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Date: 1/10/01 10:31 a.m.

Dear Sir,

I was a kid and saw Mr. Murphet in India in late 60s and I recall how unscientifically he was going about collecting miracle stories on Saibaba. He accepted stories about granite being converted to candy and several others just because the people who were narrating these were scientists. I can tell you that several of these scientists later realized how these miracles had simpler explanations and beyond that when they had to deal with the many other darker aspects of baba, they quietly slipped away in shame for promoting Baba with self promoting versions of what actually happened. In the particular instance of granite becoming candy, it was a simple case of switch on a dusky evening.
Has Mr. Murphet contacted any of his witnesses and asked how many of them are around with Baba?
You sir challenge every bit of ex-devotee account saying there is no proof. Shouldn't the burden of proof be on you to follow-up on your own star scientific witnesses and see what happened with them?

And finally, I would like to add that beside being "oiled" under the pretense of curing a different problem with a totally different part of my anatomy, I was saved from further sexploitation my enmasse defections from the closet relatives who were Baba's choice inner circle for decades who were all victims of his sodomite behaviour. Needless to say, we were villified as usual and were labelled as opportunits.

I don't expect you to believe this or post it on your site but I would appreciate if you sent this to Mr. Murphet. But he is too invested in this for nearly 40 years and I don't expect him to have an open mind after this long. After all, my own father did not believe what happened to me when it happened.


Taken for a ride for 20 years and called the "chaff"