Sai Baba and Prime Minister



Dear Glen,

First of all I agree that inspite of the withdrawal of UNESCO as co-sponsor we have to go for sure that all delegates are informed about the reason of the withdrawal.

I don't think that Mr. Zhao has notified all the delegates about the facts. That's why we need certainty from the authorities.

Another point which really disturbs me a lot is the involvement of SB with the BJP and PM Vajpayee, Home Minister Advani and the Human Resources Development Minister Joshi who were also among the host of dignitaries while visiting SB on 12 March 2000 in Delhi during the inauguration of the multi million Sai International Centre, which houses Delhi?s largest auditorium.

Please read the following articles which clearly shows the nature of relation between the PM and SB.

There is another page which clearly proves that the PM knows SB for 17 years and that SB has met Vajpayee 17 years ago in Delhi when he was foreign minister. On 12 March 1999 the PM says that he still needs the grace of SB. Just imagine! A very bad sign.

Next page you will see a picture of SB together with PM. The picture says a lot.....!!!!!

(page is not there anymore)

Here another article in Dutch language. May be Hans or Ella Evers can tell us something about it suppose it contains relevant informations about the murder case in June 1993.

I think all this informations help to understand the seriousness of the whole matter. I hope that all this will motivate us to continue with our good work. Certainly we need some philanthropist who supports our work.

Dear Glen please forward this to our group.