Shall we rewrite scripture?


Subject: Shall we rewrite scripture?
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 22:30:08 -0700
From: mike /shirley
Organization: @Home Network

Dear Friends,

Please read this heart wrenching yet marvelous description of a Father and a husband who like many of us have finally awakened to the fact that all of us were members of a cult that have been deceived by not only the monster leader sb. but by all the so called sai oranization leaders.

Read about the courage that is needed  for loving parents to make the right choices for their precious children.

Read how the Druckers have twisted all the Advaitic teachings into a connundrum of absurdity that reaches a new low when they try to rationalize and describe the actual rapes and molestations as merely a dream because none of us are really our body. Al's intellectual gibberish is now apparently being circulated as a white paper by active devotees to try and bring we
former devotees (The Lost Sheep) back to the fold.   God, what nonsense !

In the real oneness of the light within,



(My pardons, brothers and sisters, for my anonymity. For the time being, I think I can do some useful work undercover).

Suppose my example of trust and faith in sai baba signals to others - particularly male minors and men to the age of around thirty-five - that it is sexually safe to be in the company of sb.

How then in conscience can I face them - and their parents, family and their significant others - when they come to grief? When they are either themselves paedophiliacally molested/ or homosexually assaulted by sai baba (as so many from different parts of the world have in fact been).

I cannot, will not, allow any association of my life with the name of sai baba to mislead others. Until recently, my wife and I had in mind enrolling our child in one of sai baba's educational institutions. However, coming to study first-hand victim accounts and personally discuss with victims of different
nationalities, we instinctively knew our duty as parents.

No matter what our conviction may be of the divinity of sai baba or any other supposed god man or woman, we are mortals and therefore fallible. How can I who am not realised, pure or holy be sure that I correctly attibute realisation, purity and holiness to any other being?

We may have a right to enjoy or suffer the consequences of our belief, yet we have no right to put our little boy in harm's way.

Sai devotees are starting to pass round a photocopy of talks by Yaani and Al Drucker at the United Kingdom sai baba retreat, April, 2000. They refer to Jaani's rape in a Sai Centre. The burthen of both talks is this: Jaani is not her body. She is only in a dream. Not being her body, but the eternal Atma, Jaani was never raped.

As these two people are extremely influential on a great many sai devotees, I think it is worth challenging what they say. Having drunk full of the Drucker material, two close 'brothers' of mine have just come to try sway me back into the sai fold. On the photocopy which they have
given, one of  these men wrote a note for my wife and me. It read "Keep reading this till the message finally sinks in." (In other words, don't read the Bhagavad Gita, just read Jaani and Al Drucker!).

He then said, "Of course, you realise that if people want an experience of the Anti-Christ, baba is perfectly capable of reflecting that experience to them." As far as I can tell, the young men who have been raped/molested did NOT want that experience from sai baba. Of course, some will parrot off
the new age bit about their soul wanting it. That may or may not be. Difficult to prove. However, we have to be guided by the laws and ethical principles of all communities. And by commonsense. Without them we are lost. We have anarchy. Actually, rape and paedophilia are a crime.

I daresay that there will not be a professional mental health worker (from no matter what psychological school of thought) who will accept other than the high probability that Jaani has gone into deep denial over her rape, and that, really, she is not a jnani (enlightened sage) but is
deeply suppressing an event that she needs some real help with. What is so powerfully surpressed will surely sooner or later erupt, corrode, undermine, sabotage.

It is sad to see Drucker still intellectualising in extremis. In 1979, I was present at a talk he gave at the Whitefield College. After he had filled the blackboard up with with terribly abstruse mathematics with lightning speed, the senior Lecturer in English, rose to his feet and pleaded with Drucker to
have a thought for both staff and students most if not all of whom would not have a clue what Drucker was talking about. Noises of aggreement flooded the lecture hall. Drucker then modified - somewhat!

Where is the heart? Where is compassion for millions of human beings who simply wish to live by the Golden Rule, and abide by fair and reasonable laws, and know nothing about not being the body, and have a right to differ with the concept 'I am not my body' even if they knew of it?

Even if I personally wish to cultivate the consciousness that I am not my body, it makes no sense that I should hope that my son (or anyone else) should espouse the same point of view. If my wife and I allow him to become one of sai baba's students, and he or his classmates are molested or raped by sai  baba, I can imagine that he will not later thank us for being a dutiful mother and father.

When he is of the age of consent, we will of course just have to let go. He will then make up his own mind whether he wants to submit to molestation or rape as a sadhana aimed towards Atmic awareness.

It is now known that many top officials of the sai organisation have known for some time about the victims' reports, in some cases in face-to-face discussions with victims themselves. Where is the helping hand?
Where is the love? Quite apart from the hard and deeply insulting time that some of these so-called leaders have given to these deeply wounded boys and men, they have built a vast and terrible wall of terrible silence. They have given their hundreds of thousands of members no opportunity to make up
their minds for themselves. If presented with the facts, members may not wish to worship an Avatar who plays Antichrist. Those with sons may not wish to entrust them to his hands.

For those who think it is part of the nature of the Avatar to rape and molest, then a brand new Scripture will have to be written to accommodate such a paradigm shift.