Subject: Sai Baba

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From: Urdhvaga das
To: Puranjana das


Dear Puranjana Prabhu

Concerning your article about Sai Baba in your last Newsletter I have to tell you the following story:

A few years ago I have been in New Delhi, India, where I bought a book, in the local bookstores, with the title "The Dark Side Of Sai Baba", which was written by an ex-disciple of him. He published this book because he was on the hit list of being killed, for exposing Sai Babas sexual perversions, perpetrated in the name of God. (sounds like isKcon revisited)

In the book he describes that Sai Baba is an hermaphrodite. By a freak of nature this Sai Baba got a genital as well as a vagina. In private interviews he has homo-sex with the young students of the ashram, collecting their semen, which he offers to ghosts, from which gets his powers of delusions, deceiving and cheating the general public. I think this book is still available.

On the homepage of David I found the following story, which again sounds like isKcon: The Findings concerning Sai Baba by By David & Faye Bailey.

(Website not available anymore, read The Findings on )

Courageous people on every continent are banding together to expose the monumental spiritual fraud which has been perpetrated for the personal gain of a select group, headed by Sai Baba. David has spent long hours and many months, talking to people all over the world, whilst unravelling this tangled skein of years of deceit accumulated around the said 'divinity incarnate', but he is not alone in this. Courageous people on every continent are banding together to expose the monumental spiritual fraud which has been perpetrated for the personal gain of a select group, headed by Sai Baba.

Apart from our separate personal experiences, there are also included experiences of others, chosen from many such, which are an integral part of unveiling this huge, illusory global scam - the biggest hoax in the God business. Whilst still at the ashram, the worst thing for me - as a mother of sons - occurred when a young man, a college student, came to our room, to plead with David. 'Please Sir, do something to stop him sexually abusing us' (!). These sons of devotees, unable to bear their untenable position of being unwilling participants in a paedophile situation any longer, yet unable to share this with their parents because they would be disbelieved, placed their trust in David; a trust which had built over his five years as a visiting professor of music to the Sai college.

Later that night the same young man returned to our room in great distress, to implore David not to reveal his name, saying that he feared expulsion from the college, and even worse than that, for his personal safety, if it were to be found out that he had spoken of these things. David was able to reassure him that he didn't know his name, therefore could not, and would not, ever identify him. But this interaction and shocking revelation was merely the tip of an iceberg of sickening information, an iceberg that was to batter then sink our years of blind devotion.

Becoming increasingly cognisant of Sai Baba's sexual activity involving violation of basic human rights with the children (as young as seven years old) under his care, and the growing list of one deceit after another in activities stemming from him, brought awareness of the depth of our own emotional investment. Awareness also, of the devastation these discoveries wrought in us. We were placed in an untenable situation; unable to risk creating similar chaos in other spiritual seekers of like investment. The only course was to say little and move away, which caused a furore of angry and untrue rumours about us to proliferate.

Sexual problems:

Concerned mothers, and young men of various ages would ask to speak to me in confidence about intimate incidents they had had with Swami. They told me about alleged sexual activity, each story replicating the previous one. Swami would take these young men and boys into the private interview room alone with him, then insist that they take their trousers down and he would massage them, often masturbating them, and/or insisting on oral sex and sometimes collecting their semen in his handkerchief.

One teenager rang from France and confided that he had wanted to commit suicide ever since his own experience of sexual harassment, as he couldn't live with the thought that he must be gay. He said he was very relieved to hear that there were other victims.