Letter from Dr. Ove Svidin, idealist


Dear friends,

My trip down to Puttaparthi for a business meeting, one week from the day before Sai Baba’s 75th birthday, has given me the following experiences and conclusions:

1. The ashram was so crowded. On Thursday the 23 I could not get into the ashram. And as my business meeting was in the Sai Renaissance hotel, why should I bother. The Indian newspapers had a 4 page illustrated feature article of all the blessings that had come from Sai Baba. Apparently written and paid from the Sai organisation to keep up appearances.

2. On Saturday the Indian newspapers had their coordinated publication of the allegations against Sai Baba. Naturally no of these papers were seen in Puttapharthi. Probably the Sai Organisation had bought up every available copy. Apparently an attempt from the Sai organisation to keep up appearances as long as possible.

3. Still on Sunday the ashram was very crowded. I appreciated that only some 2% of the attendants were non-Indian pale-faces.

4. Monday morning. I walked to the ashram queues about 4.30 a.m. I was astonished to only find a place some 15-20 meters distance from where Sai Baba would pass.

At 6.45 He passed rapidly, took no letters, just walked hastily up to the balcony. Bothered by something?


5. Tuesday afternoon I got a possibility to see mr Chakravarthi, chief administrator of the ashram operations(?). He was nervous to say the least. His hands moved over the table, into the drawers, moved a pencil, without finding a rest anywhere. He remembered me from three years ago, and after a short telephone call arranged a place for me at darshan the morning after.

6. On Wednesday morning I took my assigned place in the curvature facing the 'balcony.' When Sai Baba passed I held up my sign with large letters: INTERVIEW, PLEASE. He passed to the left of me, within three meters distance and when seeing myself and an old devotee sitting beside me, rather than approaching us he seemed to avoid us and directed his steps towards the balcony. I sat for another three hours waiting in vain. No interview this day either. I took my careful worded letter to the post office and mailed the letter to him, two hours before my return flight from Puttaparthi airport.

My conclusions came naturally:

"Farewell Sai Baba. It is not my task to dig further into this matter" "The Indian Government is well informed and takes over the finalisation of the Sai Baba Story. Whatever ending, it will be a good film, eventually!"

My philosophical conclusions are that:

1. Sai Baba has had the task from God to end this old paradigm idolatry, i.e. to deify a human being as God, and thus make devotees believe uncritically in the interpretations by a sect leader and his organisation.

2. In the wake of the present spiritual awakening movement, no intermediary priests, gurus, avatars, cults or sect leaders are needed.

3. It is now up to each and everyone of us human beings to establish our own "True relation with God"

4. Thus my personal task ahead is in Sweden. Protestantism, the world's largest sect, needs to be exposed to the abuse of its authority and power.

So, in the end my well prepared visit to Puttaparthi and Sai Baba_s ashram came to be an undramatic anti-climax. A turning point of sort and termination of a thousands year epoque, when religions claimed to have the truth and the right to take personal advantage of it behind a "curtain of shame".

"Farewell religions, long live the awakening Cosmic Self!"

For completeness, see below the content of the final letter that I posted to Mr. S. B. I doubt that he will read it, as the envelope contained no check.

Regards, OVE

Dear Sathya Sai Baba

"It is to teach humanity the way of love that Avatars come in the world" (Digest, p.25)

It is my deepest conviction as a philosophising idealist:

A. That in the wake of a global spiritual awakening, the Avatar idea will be available to everyone as a "Christ Consciousness," or "I Am Awareness." Intermediary priests, gurus, religions or spiritual organisations will be less important in the future.

B. That all humans have to pray to the Supreme Creator for a more gentle male sexual drive for the next phase of Life on Earth

C. That your life mission can become an important turning point and a most meaningful lesson to mankind for a time when Divine Love is promised to overflow the Planet Earth. In deepest respect for the Avatar idea of the Vedic philosophy, and in Reverence to Life as a gift of God, please give me an interview for a philosophising conversation on the following:

1. That you Sai Baba, take full personal responsibility for the damage inflicted on boys and young men by your sexual actions.

2. As you advocate "My Life is my Message," please explain your sexual life to a puzzled mankind.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Ove Svidin, idealist


- Conny Larsson 'Open Letter to Sathya Sai Baba'

- Britt Marie Anden 'To anyone who may be concerned about the sexual abuse involving youths and children that have been reported about Sai Baba'.