Unesco's formal announcement


Dear Friends,

All of our hard work has finally produced results. UNESCO has formally announced yesterday on their official web site that they have withdrawn completely from any association with the conference to be held in Puttaparthi on September 25-29, 2000.

I have copied the text of the announcement below, but you will aslo want to go to UNESCO's web site and see for your self.

They did not give the real reasons why they have withdrawn, but it is a very important step in the right direction that they have done so.

Many of you will have ideas on how to proceed from here and the first thing that comes to my mind is to let as many media people know about this as soon as possible so they can contact Mr. Zhao directly and other UNESCO officials including the Secretary General and ask whatever questions they think are appropriate.

The follow-up on this major accomplishment should open the eyes of the FBI, the State Departments, Interpol, our Congressional and Parliament Representatives around the World, The Prime Minister and President of India.

Our thanks to Paul Holback for finding it and posting it on the Yahoo Discussion Boards and to Jens Sethi in Germany for calling it to my attention so all of you could be informed of this very important step in exposing what really goes on behind ssb's "Curtain of Shame."

Jai Jai Jai Expose'


8 September 2000

Note of Withdrawal

UNESCO-ACEID Withdraws from Co-sponsorship of Puttaparthi Conference on Values Education

To All Intended Participants

This message supersedes my previous note of withdrawal dated 25 August 2000:

After careful consideration and consultation, UNESCO-ACEID and the Flinders University Institute of International Education have decided to withdraw as co-sponsors of the Conference on Strengthening Values Education: Innovative Approaches to Teacher Education for Peace and International Understanding to be held in Puttaparthi, India, 25-29 September 2000.

UNESCO therefore has no further association whatsoever with this Conference.

Zhou Nanzhou, UNESCO-ACEID