April 27, 2003 UPDATE on the Dr. Wayhe Dyer Connection to

SathyaSai Baba



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From: Barry Newton healing1@aussieisp.com.au
To: RevDonna@unitycv.org
Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2003 10:28 AM
Subject: 1 Timothy 4:1-4

Dear RevDonna ~

Thank you for receiving this email. It is in regard to the promotion of books which attest to the "God" powers of one Sathya Sai Baba by Dr Wayne Dwyer.

My name is Barry Newton, and I live in Sydney Australia. To my utter disgrace I was once deputy chairperson of the Sathya Sai Organisation of NSW (Australia). I have spoken person to person to a well known claimant of homosexual abuse by Sai Baba. His story is true.

The said Sai Baba insists that all devotees (followers of Sai Baba) be vegetarian at least and vegan vegetarian at best. His claim is that one is purified by doing so, that meat is impure and corrupting. I wish to draw your attention to 1 Timothy 4:1-4 in this regard at least, for it speaks clearly of  such false prophets and doctrines. You may (or may not) be aware that vegetarianism is promoted by most, if not all, of the famous "New Age Guru's" ~ Dwyer, Chopra et al.This is but one of many of his false doctrines ~ they are profuse in number.

I am a long standing Christian who was indeed led astray as prophesied by Jesus (St Matthew 24:4-28). Oddly enough, Sai Baba located one of his main building projects ~ the Super Specialty Hospital ~  on the basis that 5 eagles were seen on the ground at that spot (refer Matt 24:28).
2 Timothy 4:3,4 speaks similarly, and I write to you so as to make full proof of my ministry in regard to truth. (2 Tim 4:5).

It is my deepest concern that the very elect are being led astray in these times precedent to Our Lord. It is of deeper concern that the very elect appear unconcerned with the teachings in Our Lord's own book.

All this brings to question the authenticity and literality of the prophecies of Christ. I believe Him truly and fully now ~ do you? Truly one does not recognize the light until they have been in the dark, and this one lost sheep has been ~ saved yet again!

I pray that we all find ourselves to be in one of the two churches out of the seven which truly adhere to the teachings of Christ in the end times.

God Bless~

Barry Newton



Dear Glen ~

I was inspired to email Rv Donna on the basis of you item posted on ex-baba.net. and include it below. I hope that the provision of the link address in your article was intended to elicit responses from people such as myself in this regard.

I am hopeful that it assists in the edification of the Christian viewpoint in this regard leading to an exchange of information between similarly inclined Christian web sites & links.

Yours in truth,

Barry Newton




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From: Glen Meloy yesontruth@earthlink.net
To: Barry Newton healing1@aussieisp.com.au
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2003 3:14 AM
Subject: Re: 1 Timothy 4:1-4

Responding to: Barry Newton at healing1@aussieisp.com.au re: Email on 4/25/03 7:29 PM

Dear Barry,

Thank you for sharing with me the letter you wrote to Reverend Donna. I have not yet received an answer to my earlier communication with her.

As you know, ssb's influence travels far and wide and beyond the confines of any particular denomination or faith.  You have certainly espoused and documented the facts that would apply to many devout Christians and I salute you for being a very representative voice in this regard.

Your message is very compelling and hopefully will accomplish your goal of a further exchange of information between concerned Christian web sites and links............In that context, I would like your permission to request that our communication be posted on the 4 web sites mentioned in my letter to Reverend Donna.  As you know, The sso (sathya sai organization) comprises devotees that come from many faiths and I know for a fact that all these web sites are maintained and looked at by many former Christians who have returned to their original roots.

By so doing, you will awaken those voices who will willingly hear your message and also give you the chance to provide other links so that the truth can be disseminated on a global scale.

Because of the wide reaching public persona of Dyer,  and other such authors and speakers, my vision is that the highest good can be achieved if Dyer and his peers  are held to account for their references to the alleged godhead of ssb on the premise that ALL unsuspecting parents, relatives and custodians of children deserve to, at the very least, be warned of these very serious and life threatening consequences of travelling to India to pursue that coveted interview with ssb.

To elaborate further, I would put it in the context of my own personal experience when I was first confronted with the undeniable evidence that a 15 year old boy and member of our local sai center, who I watched grow up in a family that taught him from the moment he was born that ssb was God........... had now been sexually molested in 2 interviews, bribed with trinkets, money and a promise of further education, instructed not to tell his parents and where to sit in the darshan lines so he could be selected for further molestation interviews.

From that moment on, I vowed that it was my duty to first warn all of my devotee friends by telling them why I had resigned from the sso for the simple reason, I did NOT want it on my conscience that, God forbid, their children were subsequently molested and then they could come back to me and accuse me of having that knowledge, but not telling them the truth.

When I finally realized the extent of the flagrant denial and outright cover-up by all the so called leaders of the sso, I knew that the warning needed to be extended to any unsuspecting parents, relatives and/ or custodians of children wherever they may be.

For several years, I was an active global coordinator doing my best along with many others to bring world-wide attention to the abuses going on under the masquerade of goodness in Puttaparthi, India.

At some point, it became necessary for me to move on with my life because it was not healthy for me to continue starting up and ending each day still thinking of the fraud god and his activities.  I had already done that for over 26 years and enough is enough.

Were it not for the fact that I had a personal conversation with Wayne Dyer when he was touting his "whole enchilada" of books and tapes during the annual television fund-raising events for the various PBS stations, we probably wouldn't be discussing this matter.

Actually,  the above event got recalled in my mind when I received an Email from one of the former devotees advising me that Wayne Dyer was promoting ssb in his talks at the Unity Churches in Phoenix, Arizona.  I had no idea there was any kind of adulation of ssb by Dyer and it shocked me into recalling the fact that I had purchased over $300.00 worth of his books and tapes for the purpose of hopefully using them as a healing gift for a dear friend of mine who had just come out of a very life threatening illness and needed some inspiration. Obviously if I had known at the time that Dyer had printed references in his books about ssb, I would not have requested to speak to him nor bought his "whole enchilada."

Barry, my vision is that at some appropriate time, we can bring world wide attention to this matter by encouraging  representatives of the media and the various talk show hosts where Dyer has previously appeared to interview him and ask the following questions.......

1)  What is your connection to ssb?
2) Have you met him in person?
3) How did you first hear of him?
4) Did you do any research about ssb before mentioning him in your books, tapes and lectures?
5) Were you ever aware of the serious sexual abuse allegations concerning ssb?
6) If so, did you believe they were true?
7) If you only now have become aware, are you willing to make a public retraction and repudiation?
8) Are you willing to advise your publishers, distributors and retails outlets to withdraw the references from circulation?
9) And would you be willing to help get the word out wherever you go to advise all unsuspecting parents, relatives and/or custodians of the children of the world to be responsible and to protect their children from the possible consequences of a private interview with ssb?

I could go on and on, but I think if we could turn this situation around, it could be a real opportunity to finally put the spotlight of truth on the abuses at Puttaparthi by the fraud god and the long term cover up of those deplorable activities by the so called leaders of his organization and their sympathizers in the Government of India.

In that context, I would like all concerned citizens of all countries to use their contacts with the media and talk show hosts to invite Wayne Dyer to explain why he is supporting the likes of ssb.

Please let me know ASAP if you are willing to let me request the posting of our exchange in its entirety.

Thanks again for taking an interest in this matter and I look forward to the day when the mind controlling activities of the ssb cult will no longer exist.

With Love, Blessings, Light and Joy,

Glen Meloy




Dear Glen,

Yes, you may use the transcripts of emails that I sent to Rev Donna and then to yourself. I have been concerned for some time now that the Christian perspective, so very powerful as it is, has not been accessed. By alerting Christians to the self-proclaiming god false prophet ssb and his perverted activities, a very powerful ally may be accessed.

My activities are confined to supporting the revelation of truth about ssb in ways that I am doing now as I am not in a position to be at the front line fighting. I feel that many former devotees are not active in the expose because they feel vulnerable to the types of slur which the dysfunctional members of the sso are quite eminently capable. My wife and I know this from bitter first hand experience while we were still office bearers of the sso and devotees to boot!

I was decidedly concerned about the crippling dysfunctionality of the sathya sai organisation in Australia some years 3 ago and took a sabbatical to Puttaparthi where I observed Connie Larsen and his group get interview after interview, and famously (as Puttaparthi gossip goes) one member of the group refused any interview after the first! After reading Connie's ssb abuse claims on the web, I emailed him personally and he was very frank and honest in his  replies. This was in the first year of Connies revealing of the truth. I now know his story is true.

Oddly enough, by taking the sabbatical time out from the sso, I came across the truth of the ssb abuse allegations on the web and I read that which I denied and refused to acknowledge when it first appeared ~ the Bailey's report. Now would ssb devotees say that was swami's will? Maybe not swami's will, but I truly think that it was God's will! for I was able to read truth without any distorting influence.

As my good mate Jesus said ~ "Know the truth, and the truth will set you free!"

Yours Truly,

Barry Newton




From: Glen Meloy yesontruth@earthlink.net
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 16:13:13 -0700
To: Barry Newton <healing1@aussieisp.com.au>
Subject:The Wayne Dyer Connection to Sathya Sai Baba

Responding to: Barry Newton at healing1@aussieisp.com.au

Re: Email on 4/27/03 2:57 PM

Dear Barry,

Thank you so much for understanding the need for making our communications available to all those who would stand up for truth and goodness; and I too can verify from direct personal conversations and correspondence with Connie Larsen the veracity and frankness with which he addressed many extremely very personal type questions.

I am grateful to you , Connie and all the other countless number of former devotees who, in their own way, have stood up and been counted in our continuing quest to expose and stop the abuses being committed by the one who claims to be the God of Gods and whose army of sycophants has been covering up these atrocities for many many years.

Thank you again for sharing and helping in this most worthy of causes.

Love and Blessings,





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From: Glen Meloy

Sent: Monday, April 28, 2003 4:12 AM

Subject: April 27, 2003 UPDATE on the Dr. Wayhe Dyer Connection to SathyaSai Baba

Dear Seekers of Truth and Goodness Everywhere,

As you will read below, a former devotee and former deputy chairperson of NSW (Australia) has kindly granted  permission and I hereby do likewise to all who receive this , the owners and administrators of the following web sites and their respective links to other like minded sites, and to the world-wide media organizations and talk show hosts to post, print and/or discuss (in its entirety please) the folliwng communications between myself (Glen Meloy) and Mr. Barry Newton.


As mentioned in one of the letters  below, my purpose in calling this to your attention is to encourage all of you to individually and collectively hold these various publicly very visible authors, their publishers, distributors and sales outlets accountable for presenting in an enticing and convincing fashion so as to lure their readers and listeners, especially unsuspecting parents, relatives and/or other custodians of children,  to travel to Puttaparthi, India and seek out the coveted private interviews with sathya sai baba, who claims to be the God of Gods for all religions from the beginning of time and who masquerades in a cloak of goodness while at the same time has been sexually molesting boys and young men since 1980 and most likely way before then.

Any fair minded person who thoroughly examines the well documented accountings of ssb's abuses  on the above web sites will hopefully agree that at the very least, all unsuspecting travelers to ssb's ashrams deserve to be forewarned about these serious criminal allegations  that include not only sexual abuses, but even murders.

The very fact that the US State Department saw fit to establish such a travel warning along with UNESCO's repudiation and cancellation of a major teaching conference (that was to be held at Puttaparthi) because of the sexual abuse allegations implicating Sathya Sai Baba, should cause anyone who knew of those warnings to think twice before putting their children in harm's way. Although I don't know the current status, it was my understanding that the United Kingdom has a pending similar travel warning in the House of Commons.

But how many people know of those warning flags???  The answer most assuredly is not enough, because the SSO (Sathya Sai Organization) has for many years (We have written proof since 1980 -See the Hislop letters on the above web sites) has been engaged in a massive cover-up similar to the Catholic Church. In the USA , Australia, Canada, England and many other countries, there is a strict censorship and harassment of any member who attempts to discuss the sexual abuse issues surrounding ssb.

My vision is that well known public figures like Dr. Dyer need to be questioned by the newspaper and magazine media and talk show hosts (both Radio and TV) about his connections to Sai Baba (See Emails below from Glen Meloy to Barry Newton) and it is my hope that all of you can enlist your local media source connections to actively pursue this. Together, we can make a difference. When a well known public figure like Dr. Dyer is promoted and endorsed by many religious groups and the National talk shows and the Public Broadcasting System, he should certainly be held accountable and asked to make a public retraction and to request withdrawal of all of his publications that entice his readers or listeners to seek a private interview with ssb.

Lest anyone think I am steeping back into the fray full time, let me assure you that is not my intent, but if you will read below, you will find out why this particular issue has caused me to have this communication with all of you.

As you will read, it was a former devotee still actively engaged, v Mr. Dennis Hanisch who first called this to my attention and I am grateful to him and all of you who will request your collective media contacts to  seek out Dr. Dyer and follow-up on the material herein presented.

I am also deeply grateful to the above websites and their dedicated staff for providing a platform of invaluable references and resources that hopefully will soon put a stop to this huge mind-controlling cult that is supported by millions of devotees in deep denial of what has been happening for far too many years and by a corrupt officialdom of Doctors, Lawyers, Psychologists, Educators, Scientists and holders of government positions, especially in India.

While the principal emphasis here has been on  extremely visible  authors and lecturers such as Dr. Dyer, let us not forget the still living authors such as Phyliss Krystal, Dr. Samuel Sandweiss, and their various counterparts throughout the world.   

May we soon celebrate the end of this abusive organization.

Much Love, Light and Joy,

Glen Meloy