Date: 01-13-03

By: Åsa Samsioe, practising psychologist.


Reply to another anonymous mail from saionline, a group of young stubbornly unquestioning sai website-makers:

You have sent us another e-mail. And to be on the safe side, you wrote that you are not interested in our opinion....
But you canīt prevent me from answering your letter, even if you prefer to put your head in the sand and hide yourselves away too. Sorry to say, but your arguments about sexuality are very ignorant, simplified and naive, even though I can see the trials you are going through in trying to enlighten us."

Your conclusions are that all SB's victims have sexual problems of some sort. And you suppose that SB's sexual molestations are due to his motive to influence the sexual energies of young men, presumably to reduce their sexual urge...

In your earlier e-mails to me you have already written:  “the ‘victims’ referred in the web site have a history of conducting rape, molestation, and other sexual crimes or excess sexual habits leading to crude exploitation which they could not control or find relief or assistance from“.
And you try to explain and defend SB's sexual actions with: “It is MEN here who are being 'de-sexualized', if one could give it a name as such. There is no such thing as 'raising Kundalini' and all sorts of nonsense which has been imagined. Men have simply been taken off some of their sexual impulses for the sake of women. It's as simple as that.”

Thirty years ago, they made an investigation in Sweden, concerning prostitution and other sexual deviations and perversions, like rape etc. The investigators conclusions were that the motivating force behind deviant sexual behavior, doesnīt have much to do with sexuality.
They found out that these persons often had a mental disturbance, or a primitive and immature personality.
Rape for example, is actually not a question of excess sexuality, that cannot be controlled, as you may believe.
It is rather caused of disdain towards women and greed for power over another being, as a compensation for deep feelings of worthlessness and powerlessness.
Even Erich Fromm, the well known psychologist, wrote that it is a psychoanalytical observation, without doubt, that the intensity in the subjective feeling of experienced sexual desire, (inclusive the physiological reactions) depends on non sexual feelings.... as for example greed for power, narcissism, sadism, anguish, loneliness, gloominess and so on.
Thus it is not sexuality per se, that is the main problem or the motivating force behind deviant sexual actions.....
From that point of view, it is rather absurd to believe that you can cure these persons by manipulating their genitals, as your pederast avatar does. These actions of his, must be very irrelevant for the purpose you have in view. Then he would have to remake those persons personality completely, from its very foundation....
And why should SB do that, when at the same time, he always reminds us, that he doesnīt interfere with peoples spiritual growth; that we have to do the job ourselves.... 

You wrote: “A real guru will not give guidance to anyone who does not ask him.”
SB has hardly asked his victims if they wanted some sort of sexual guidance from him, nor did he ask them if they wanted him to molest them. Some of his victims even got such a shock and were so disillusioned, that they took their own lives. Many young men who sought (not 'searched') spiritual guidance from SB, have experienced that the only thing he gave them was sexual and bodily insults...
If SB's sexual methods are so effective, beneficial and salutary, why would his victims react in such a negative way? And why would all these young and devoted men, who have got so much attention and “love” from SB, suddenly stop visiting his ashrams....??

You wrote: “Rules are different for those of low sexual energy, a form of spiritual impotency, where some form of encouragement may be required to heighten this energy and is completely depended on individual cases.”
I donīt think that sexual impotence or “low sexual energy” is a big problem for all these young and vigorous men and boys who get “sexual guidance” from SB.
Rather it is elderly men, who are bothered by that sort of problems. But for some reason their genitals are not interesting targets for SB's sexual manipulations.

You wrote: “Your "victims" all belong to one or several of the following categories:
“iii. they are involved in excess masturbation.”
Donīt you know on saionline, that there are women to, who are masturbating....and even elderly men. You claim to know that the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of boys and young men who have had their genitals oiled and rubbed by SB practiced excess masturbation. How do you know, did you carry out a systematic research of everyone through 30 years? No, you do not present a single jot of evidence! Further, how do you decide what is 'excess' masturbation? Obviously you condone some measure of masturbation, and presumably therefore practice it too. This would be quite normal, for the psychologically-enlightened world does not consider it an unnatural or destructive act. Moreover, as a biological function it is surely healthier than unsafe sex of any kind. It would be interesting to know where you decide to set the limit you have set up for 'excess masturbation' and have used to judge the auto-erotic activities of so many of SB's victims (i.e. number of times per week or month etc.). It is doubtless patently obvious to most people  that you are inventing everything and that you are all evidently in a condition of psychic denial.

You wrote: “They are no victims of anything. If Sai Baba wanted them for sex (which is a ridiculous claim by ignorant people) there would be no need to keep them behind a curtain for 3-4 minutes with a whole group waiting in the adjoining room! He could easily have asked them to come to his private room in the poornachandra at night.”
The sexual molestations occur both in SB:s private bedroom and behind the curtain. It is commonly know that SB constantly shared his bedroom apartment with boys or young men, he has even stated this in discourses! Some boys are kept behind the interview room DOORS for up to 10 minutes. You have even been sent a photo of the PN private interview room (blue) doors with the bloody floor from the notorious 1993 killings of Sai students! Perhaps it is still more sexually stimulating for SB to do it behind the curtain. It is a well known fact that the excitement in running the risk of being exposed, can be very sexually stimulating. Have you forgotten the sexual escapades of Bill Clinton? He had sex with that young woman, when at the same time there were top politicians from abroad, waiting for him in the adjoining room. He even had sex with her when he was speaking on the phone....   This applies especially to a person like SB, with a narcissistic personality disorder, who is convinced that he is invincible. The unasked-for oilings are a perverse way of exercising personal power over young people to entrap them more fully. However, it does not always work!

You wrote: “What is further ridiculous, is that they have kept returning year after year, being upset if they have not received more interviews. What abuse-victim voluntarily travels to India, spends a lot of money, suffers from "abuse" and seeks it with force?”
That a young person doubts himself and his own experiences, when the Being, who he thinks is GOD, does that sort of things with him, is certainly not a strange thing.
How many young and devoted men and boys, have the courage, to immediately understand and take the consequences of what they have experienced? Like children, who has experienced incest from a person they are attached to and love, these young men also have been deceived and betrayed.
There is a big risk that they will take the guilt and the shame on themselves, and that they will turn all the destructiveness towards themselves. This is a very common reaction for victims of incest. And those actions of SB can be compared with incest.
That there is often a strong attachment between a victim and his/her abuser, couldnīt be quite unknown for saionline. Have you never pondered over all these women who are roughly maltreated by their husbands, but prefer to go on living with them for years?

In the Danish documentary film about SB's trickery and sexual abuse, the US youth 'Sam Young' went back to visit SB after being abused because his parents wanted it. He had been brought up since babyhood by them to believe that SB is God! He did not dare to say anything to them due to his confused feelings and - even when he realised it because it became full sexual abuse  - he could not speak to his parents because he thought how terrible it would be for them to know what SB had done to him, because this would be like taking their belief in God from them.

Further, he held himself back from doing anything that might destroy the large Sai Organisation. He also knew numerous Indian student victims who told him that they could never tell their parents because they could not reckon on being believed or, in the best case, that whatever SB did must be for their own good.

And at last: How is it, that almost only those young and good looking boys, with mostly fair complexion, are those who have the greatest need for SB's sexual guidance? Why donīt the elderly men, the women or those boys who are not so good looking, need this sort of guidance? This is a question that you on saionline have avoided answering all the time. You can rest fully assured that the sane world will never believe the untrue accounts you invent.