Prasanthi Nilayam


Prasanthi Nilayam is the residence of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, it is a sect, which has started in a small village, Puttaparthi in India, but which went through a massive growth, and thus by many years got in such an enormous size, that it can provide in a very prosperous economy for all adjacent villages.

From all parts of the world, large numbers of devotees come to this center for help, advice and blessings from Baba, for spiritual or worldly matters, but more and more ex-devotees are disappointed and return, when they find out that their 'Avatar' appears to be a magician and a homosexual pedophile.

The way to Prasanthi Nilayam

Prasanthi Nilayam is situated in Andhra Pradesh, about 180 miles from Bangalore. Visitors can reach Prasanthi Nilayam by bus (costs are 50 rps or one and a half dollar per person), or by cab (costs are about 700 rps or 20 dollar per cab).
You can take the bus from Bangalore City Bus Stand - Majestic (about 13 miles from Bangalore Airport), information about travelling by cab is to be obtained at the Bangalore Airport Information Counters.

Prasanthi Nilayam has an airport too; you can fly twice a week to Bombay and Madras.

Visitors can travel by train as well, from Bangalore (or whatever important town in India) to Dharmavaram and take the bus to Puttaparthi.
The complete address of Prasanthi Nilayam is:

Prasanthi Nilayam Complex
Prasanthi Nilayam ( Anantapur Dist. )
Andhra Pradesh
Pin Code - 515134


The following guide of (mis)conduct shows how a typical sect creates its own characteristics.

Guide of conduct in Prasanthi Nilayam

1. Concentrate on activities within the Ashram, and spend your time on Sadhana (spiritual occupations, like meditation, Japa, or repeatedly pronouncing the name of God).

2. Do not make friendship with strangers, but keep your contacts factual.

3. Please don't listen to rumors or advice from outside, just go to the Public Relations Office for your inquiry.

4. Please be quiet, en keep children under surveillance.

5. Don't leave the Ashram. All necessary facilities are inside the Ashram, like canteens, bakery, supermarkets, post offices and phones.

6. Be dressed in a clean, humble and sober way. Wear suitable clothing, ladies with Western clothing, should have a shawl around their shoulders, and wear long skirts.

7. Men and women do have separated seatings.

8. Form rows where this is necessary.

9. Remain on your seat during Arati and after Darshan, until Baba leaves.

10. Take care of your personal properties, like money, camera's and tape recorders.

11. Deliver every article you've found to the Lost Property Office.

12. Cash and other valuable matters can be safely stored in a safe-deposit in the Public Relations Office

13. Make use of the canteens, where food is hygienically prepared. There is a Western canteen, an Indian canteen and a North Indian canteen. Canteens are open for everybody who visits the Ashram.

14. Be careful that gifts of strangers, for whatever purpose, cash or by any other means, given to individuals or to organizations (except for specially authorized institutes, like the Sri Sathya Sai Trust in Prasanthi Nilayam) and foreign deals (excluded are by banks authorized dealers) are not legally granted. If you want to make a donation to the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, you'll have to go the State Bank of India for special forms.

15. It is not permitted to every person or organization, to collect money for whatever object.

16. Have respect for, and be aware of limits of correct behavior in the environment where you live. It is your responsibility, when your behavior, although may be innocent, causes bad reflections to others.

17. Be sure that your passport and visa remain valid during the time you're in the Ashram.

18. All visitors should have enough cash in order to fulfil their own needs during their visit in India. People who live at the cost of other person are unwanted in Prasanthi Nilayam. Everybody is warned for persons who ask money from visitors, claiming that they have had Baba blessings for it.

19. Rooms in Prasanthi Nilayam are allotted to availability, as soon they are vacant, they will be raffled.

20. When your room is vacant, please report the date to the Public Relations Office, to be sure that all taps and switches are closed and that the room is empty. When you have closed your room, you have to deliver the key to the Accommodation Office - only when you're sure that there has nobody left in the room.

21. Don't give anyone permission to enter the room allotted to you, through the adjacent veranda, without special permission of the Accommodation Office.

22. Don't bring cameras, binoculars, radios, tape-recorders, metal objects, chairs, umbrellas, big handbags, nontransparent bags, flowers or toffees to the environment where Darshan is held, and the Darshanhall itself.

23. Don't go outside after 21.00 PM, when the light is switched off; it is forbidden to leave the Ashram after this hour.

24. Don't follow Sai Baba's car when he is travelling, unless you have a special invitation for doing so.

25. Behave yourself in the presence of Baba, and be an example for the persons that are around you. Don't walk or rush to Baba when he is walking through the Ashram.

26. Leave your shoes outside, when you enter the environment of Darshan, the Darshanhall and other important locations.

27. Pay attention to the fact that food, water and energy are not to be wasted. Co-operate in maintaining orderliness, discipline and the holiness of the Ashram

Activities in Prasanthi Nilayam

The normal daily schedule in Prasanthi Nilayam is:

        4-50 a.m. Meditation, Omkar, Suprabhatam en Nagarsankirtan

        7-30 a.m. Darshan and interviews

        9-00 a.m. Singing Bhajans

        4-30 p.m. Darshan and lectures

        5-30 p.m. Bhajans

        9-00 p.m. Lights off!

All times change per season.


Every morning Baba is coming out of the veranda to perform Darshan; during Darshan he collects letters from devotees, listens to personal stories, gives blessings and creates Vibuthi or other objects and gives them to devotees for recovery from illness or for insight in spiritual matters.

During Darshan Baba selects the most handsome boys fore an Interview; he is very fond of Western kids, especially young blondes, men older than 35 year are definitely left out.


During personal interviews Baba advises on personal and other matters, and gives blessings.

During these 'Interviews' Baba fingers and masturbates the boy - pretending this is done for spiritual intention - and under the same pretences they are often forced to have oral sexual contact with him.


At present Baba daily gives readings daily in Prasanthi Nilayam. Most subjects are important matters like Character and Truth, which are exactly matters he has already been tricking for more than 50 years.

Facilities in Prasanthi Nilayam

Small unfurnished rooms with bath, toilet, electricity and water, are allotted to devotees who have announced the Accommodation Office. If there are no rooms available at the moment, devotees have to stay in the Large Common Halls.

The Premises has a canteen for meals and snacks. Foreign devotees that are not accustomed to Indian food, have a special canteen (not to be seen on the map), where Western meals are served.

There is a store, you can't see it on the map, where devotees can do their daily shopping’s.

Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publications is a bookstore where all Sai literature, available in all languages, can be obtained.

A hospital is available for during 24 hours a day for urgent treatment; it is situated in the south of the Prasanthi complex.

Festivities in Prasanthi Nilayam

        SSSIHL Sport Day on January 11

        Makar Sankranti in January

        Mahashivaratri in February

        Ramanavami in March/April

        Yugadi in April/May

        Guru Purnima in July

        Onam in August/September

        Ganesh Chaturthi in August/September

        Janamasthami in September

        Dasara in October

        Deepavali October/November

        Baba's Birthday on November 23

        Christmas on December 25

Prasanthi Nilayam - The Maps

Because of practical reasons the whole is divided in four maps, they are situated in correct order and should be fixed to each other.

Click on the images to enlarge them; the spots on the maps are clickable too.


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Prasanthi Nilayam Complex


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Puttaparthi & Vidhyagiri


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