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From:  Sabapathy Siva 
Date:  Sat Jul 12, 2003  9:35 pm
Subject:  QUESTION...???


In His recent discourses Swami has conveyed two opposing information regarding His hip fracture as quoted in Sairam web page and Saiunity.

In one He says that He didn't have any pain after the accident and in another He is reported to have said that,

" I had lot of pain..couldn't even move..but I was not affected by this pain..."

Is there a mistake here by the translator or the one who is reporting..??? When you can feel the pain, means that you are it not.?

I didn't read yet any official report from Prasanthi as to what kind of fracture it was and what kind of surgery was report said that 'it was a minor surgery' ( a statement far from the truth), a simple hip fracture fixed by plate and screws, a total hip replacement, a hip prosthesis.. then we came to know that Swami had two surgeries, hip and eye at the same time, the eye surgery being cataract surgery..then we learnt that it was due to a past electrical burn to His left eye happened nine yrs. ago and Swami had been blind in the left eye for nine yrs...!!!

We are being kept at dark, I feel, as it had been customary thus far with both good and unpleasant events happening/happened in Prasanthi.

Any comments...???


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