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From:  Sanjay Dadlani
Date:  Tue Feb 11, 2003  2:59 am
Subject:  Astronomical propaganda!

It was observed by myself that the articles that appeared on regarding the matter of Brian O'Leary's "mission of peace"
to see Sai Baba was spoken about in these messages:



The sum and substance is that Brian O'Leary, a former Apollo
scientist-astonaut, was FALSELY reported as an SB devotee who was
going to see Sai Baba, presumbaly to sit at the feet of his "guru"
and receive advice about how to promote peace in the world.

The second URL is a clear message from Brian O'Leary that is an
astounding denial of his contact with SB, and that his apparent
status as a devotee has been misreported and was false.

"I am not, nor ever was, a devotee of Sai Baba."

There is also sufficient evidence to note that Brian O'Leary will in
fact NOT be travelling to Puttaparthi after all.

However, this important piece of news has apparently not yet reached
the ears and eyes of Sai Baba's devotees, who continue to revel in
the news that US astronaut scientist devotees will somehow raise Sai
Baba's public profile. Indeed, this propaganda is still doing the
rounds in some of the most prominent SB-discussion forums.

A resourceful website, ,
still holds links that picture the entire issue as bona-fide and
current, when we now know that this is untrue. Two pertinent URLs
carry the story:

Such shameless instances of propaganda needs and should be exposed so
that the general public is aware of the "creative marketing" that is
carried out by Sai Organisation appendages.



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