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From:  "dark_knight_9"
Date:  Thu Mar 20, 2003  8:30 pm
Subject:  SB makes references to Iraq war?

Today we witnessed the breakout of war between US and Iraq.

In the same impromptu discourse in which SB spoke about
his "increasing magnetism," does he make reference to the war?

Earlier in a 'channeled message,' he referred to the Iraq war as
being 'imagination.' Let us see what he says in public:

"All the unrest will soon be eradicated from the face of earth. Today
we find acts of violence everywhere. But whatever is happening, in a
way, is for your own good. Everyone will develop sacred feelings. All
will enjoy the divine bliss. The entire nation will enjoy peace and
happiness soon. There will not be any difficulties or suffering. You
are fear-stricken thinking that there is going to be suffering. In
fact there is nothing like sorrow or suffering. How can they ever
afflict you? Always be happy and blissful. Conduct yourselves as the
embodiments of the divine Atma and enjoy divine bliss. This is what I
expect from you. Every individual should be happy. Every child should
be happy. Let no one shed tears of sorrow." -

In other words, SB again has succeeded in providing only NON-answers
to important current issues. I'm sure that the soldiers of Iraq and
US are absolutely sure that when they die, it is for their "own
good," and that they will soon enjoy "divine bliss."

We all know what SB's idea of divine bliss entails...

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