Attacks By Hooligans Against Foreign Students In Australia


Posted by Barry Pittard on June 5, 2009

Attacks By Hooligans Against Foreign Students In Australia

Note: This post proposes a preliminary series of questions that Australians may well ask themselves, in ensuring that Australia becomes the locus of profound national self-respect and the safety and well-being those visiting from different cultures, and of Australian citizens. 


"A number of reasons exist why the majority of these attacks have occurred on Indian students, and the issue is complex. The situations are not as portrayed, with a dangerous, irresponsible oversimplification, either by certain sections of the Indian media that are clearly committed to jingoism, hysteria, sensationalism and burgeoning of sales, who gravely misrepresent the view of a great many Indians who live in Australia"

"But there is a work undone: those communities especially in the outer suburbs to which many foreign students are driven by their economic constraints will have to do some of it. They will need to rise to an occasion. Or will they expect the police and other authorities to do it for them? To stand by when bones are being broken and lives destroyed does not add up to self-respect and a sense of justice within those in whose midsts violence is happening".

"The Australian multicultural experience - or experiment -  needs to be carefully distinguished from the performances of other countries, and discussed with proper regard for the facts"

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