Head of Australia Sathya Sai Org.'s center closing - too few people?


Date: 03-24-02

By: Robert Priddy


Website: http://www.saibaba-x.org.uk/

'Our man in Canberra' has sent in to my site more feedback on the SSO, along with the directory of the entire Australian SSO centers, groups and office-bearers. He presents some further evidence that the massaging - not to say super-inflating - of membership figures is as common In Australia as it is in the European SSO and elsewhere. He writes of the Central Coordinator of Australia and PNG. T. S. Ramanathan:

"Lord Ramanathan's center is about to be closed! The reason! Well hardly anyone attends. The center went into damage control and had a meeting the other week to find out the cause for this. If Lord Ramanathan does not attend his own center, how can he expect others to attend. I do not know the result of this meeting as yet. The center is called the Sathya Sai center of Fivedock.

Most of the centers do not have many people, some centers have as little as four people. They lie when they say they have many people. All of the numbers are inflated. The many centers come, because the members quarrel amongst themselves. They then split and form another center with only a few members."

This also helps illumine the cancellation of the much-trumpeted meeting of January 16, 2002 in Perth, with most of the 'big shots' of the Sai Org., as stated by T.S. Ramanathan, as follows:

"This decision had to be reluctantly made, owing to the decree issued that all air flights were at personal risk of travelers and the authorities cannot take any responsibility in the event of any international situation. This conference if it had taken place would have been one of the best ever staged in the Sai World. Not only in its scope of workshops as well as an array of distinguished Sai personnel of the world descending in Australia. We take this opportunity of thanking the following, Shri Bagawathi, Shri Indulal Shah, R. Hira, Dr. Jurnsai, T. Judo, Victor Kanu, J. Jegadeesan and Rajen Coopen who had accepted our invitation and the Sai devotees were looking forward for such a rare opportunity."

This excuse is unbelievable to those of us who can think and who know the deceptions done to cover up failures in the SSO! All such arrangements are said to be watched over by the infallible avatar, who never lets anything happen to those doing his work! Ramanathan himself recently wrote: "Faith is Swami itself is an insurance cover". So is this kind of faith not lacking in the SSO there, and by the 'big shots'?"

For my extensive insider study of the international Sathya Sai Organization, please see http://www.saibaba-x.org.uk/saiorg/index.htm

Robert Priddy