Sathya Sai Trust Officials Say Sai Baba Out of Hospital Soon


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Sathya Sai Trust Officials Say Sai Baba Out of Hospital Soon

Posted by Barry Pittard on April 16, 2011


A Sathya Sai Central Trust “important press release” just to hand (see notice below) has begun to appear on various prominent Sathya Sai Baba related sites on the web. It notes that “for several days, His (sic) condition was a cause for concern”.

In other words, presumably, there is now NOT now cause for concern. But how can it be? Given his advanced age (supposedly 85 years, although this has been disputed in scholarly discussion), and the severity of his many symptoms, one might expect an even more reduced shell of his former self than hitherto.

The bulletin refers to:  “the spontaneous upsurge of prayers, bhajans, namasmarana, candle light processions of millions and millions of His devotees all over the globe for His very early and total recovery”.

I invite my dear reader to the simple expedient of sticking his or her head out the nearest window just to check whether they can see any of it ….. If you should enjoy processions, some you may have to wait for Saint Patrick’s Day in, say, New York, Chicago or Dublin, or the Carnival in Rio, or the Berlin Love Parade, or some such.