William Aitken’s Book Fails to Answer Sai Baba Critics: 


Date: 02-21-08

By: Ex Baba admin

his blogsite - http://barrypittard.wordpress.com/ - Barry Pittard has written the article

William Aitken’s Book Fails to Answer Sai Baba Critics: 


He continues his small review series on aspects of Brian Steel’s impressive opus, specifically Bill Aitken and Sathya Sai Baba. A Writer’s Dilemma, on William 'Bill' Aitken’s book, Sri Sathya Sai Baba. A Life (New Delhi, Penguin Books India, 2004. Paperback edition, 2006). Barry Pittard's previous articles in this recent series are:

  • A Host of Sai Baba Hagiographers
  • William Aitken’s Sai Baba Book - Major Flaws Says Scholar
  • Sai Baba Researchers’ Huge Debt To Scholar Brian D. Steel

Quotes From Latest Article

"Brian Steel’s approach in this piece is scholarly, but his writing has long been appreciated by a wider readership. All who are in search of detailed evidence will find Steel’s meticulous, painstakingly researched work (from 2001 on) indispensable. It is vast, and has been groundbreaking from the very first".

"Sathya Sai Baba can be documented by any conscientious reader as having made contradictory statements and egregious historical and scientific blunders. These include his remarks on Jesus Christ and Martin Luther. In the present article and in others, Steel’s discusses in sharp detail and context some of Sai Baba's many and extraordinary blunders".

"When I was editing at Sai Towers in Puttaparthi, I saw at first hand how those such as Professor Anil Kumar and my late friend V.K.Narasimhan, one of India’s pre-eminent, historic and courageous newspaper editors, did such doctoring. I had a hand in the process myself when Sai Baba’s talk about his mother’s ghost would have raised a few eyebrows if allowed to circulate any further than a public discourse. The extraordinary blunders are excised before they get into publications that go worldwide like Sanathana Sarathi and Spiritual Impressions".