Sai Baba’s Birthday. Vast, Costly Pomp and Ceremony


Date: 11-22-07

By: Ex Baba admin

Barry Pittard's blogsite Call For Media and Government Investigation of Sathya Sai Baba is at:

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Sai Baba’s Birthday. Vast, Costly Pomp and Ceremony at:


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"For decades, Sai Baba has not had to go to the maharajas. The maharajas - or, to be more exact, their republican equivalents - go to see him"

"Is this vast opulence amidst incredible poverty and squalor quite the image that contemporary India, as she thrusts towards superpower status, wishes the rest of the world to have of her?"

"In the selfsame India, there is, with what deepest irony, a profoundly genuine splendour, down thousands of years, of saints and sages living in the utmost simplicity"

"Where do the - no, not millions - billions of dollars (and many another currency) come from that support Sai Baba’s overweening self-glorification? The answer is, often - from your country and mine"