Sai Baba - Miraculous or Disastrous?


Date: 01-01-08

By: Ex Baba admin

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Article:  Sai Baba - Miraculous or Disastrous?


The Disaster of the ‘Miraculous’
Some Devotees Silent On Miracle Topic

Devotee Intelligentsia Can Fear Professional Ridicule
India A Fast Breeder of Rationalists

Silence Motivated by Spiritual Aspiration
‘Miracles’ Are More Than Sai Baba’s ‘Visiting Cards’
Endemic Devotee Exitability


"Sai Baba makes a belated pretence at downplaying his so-called miracles, yet boasts of them constantly and performs these apparent feats often - although falling back on legerdemain. His very denial of the importance of the miraculous is lost in his behavioural performances, just as his very denial of sex is lost in his having of it with boys and young men, and his emphasis on not collecting funds by his Organization is lost in ‘backdoor’ methods of fundraising".

"In passing, I would note that in India (where I lived for several years) for a respectable Indian intellectual to hold that supraphenomena can exist is nowhere so difficult as in western countries. This fact makes India a fertile ground for rationalists. In my years there, I was struck by how aware were wide cross-sections of educated India of rationalists such as (late) A.T. Kovoor, (late) Professor H.Narasimhaiah, Basava Premanand, Professor Narendra Nayak, Prabir Ghosh, and others. This was no sleeping issue".