Revealing Materials On Sai Baba Of India


Date: 12-21-07

By: Ex Baba admin

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Revealing Materials On Sai Baba Of India
Posted by Barry Pittard on December 21, 2008
  • By Their Documents We Shall Know Them
  • Steelís Emphasis On SS Org Documents Complements Other Forms Of Analysis
  • Official Sai Audiovisuals Show Steadily Ageing Sai Baba (Who Said He Would Not Age After His 60th Birthday!)
"In a surprise visit to Puttaparthi and other official Sathya Sai Baba locales in late 2008, Brian Steel acquired a series of books and audio materials. There are several notable scholarly and other strengths observable in Brian Steelís vast opus on the Sathya Sai phenomenon. Yet again, these qualities come into play in his most recent offering: Recent books about Sathya Sai Baba. Part 2. Different Types of Hagiography Brian Steel, December 2008"
"Brian Steel's surprise visit to Puttaparthi resulted in a swag of documents and audiovisual material that, under his critical scrutiny, reveal far more mischief than their devotion-blinded authors surely ever dreamed would be perceptible to commonsense and reason. Their works taken uncritically by devotees will only reinforce persistent Sai mythmaking, but, if exposed to the world at large, will not be likely to win friends and influence people".