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Cult Exit Painful, Exposure Slow


Posted, September 16th, 2007. 

By: Exbaba Admin

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Robert Priddy (4). Cult Exit Painful, Exposure Slow


"During this time, Robert Priddy, former head of the Sathya Sai Organization in Norway, was increasingly committing his explorations to his website. His opus is now immense, and is often a questioning of a wide range of assumptions that go into accepting of a faith. This would befit habits long laid in his professional academic life in philosophy and social sciences at the University of Oslo, Norway".

"Glen Meloy and I were under very great constraint to keep much of our vast databases, given their sensitivity and confidentiality, extremely private. Glen died on January 1, 2005, mourned by many around the world, irrespective of whether they were former devotees, humanists, rationalists, etc. It was not, effectively, until months after this that Robert Priddy and I began in earnest to cooperate on various activities and gain permissions, respectively, from his respondents and mine for us to share certain of our resources".