Democratic Societies Need To Face Issues On Cults


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Democratic Societies Need To Face Issues On Cults

Posted by Barry Pittard on January 9, 2010


"In my colleagues’ and my extensive experience in exposing the global Sathya Sai Baba cult and its leader, India’s most famous guru, whom successive Indian governments and institutions have long and corruptly protected, we have found a striking fact: governments, and indeed whole societies, fail to face the problem of cults"

"For too long, it has been overlooked that many cults violate those very notions of freedom which we need, of course, to cherish and uphold"

"Certainly, care needs to be exercised in defining what is and what is not a cult, and this level of information is best, in my view, arrived via deliberations across whole communities in consultation with each other. It will not help very much if we see cultism as offending against the canons of this or that mainstream religion. It is the mentality itself that needs to be understood and addressed"