Inequality before the law in India


Date: July 29, 2007

By: Exbaba Admin

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"There are, and always have been, some incredibly valiant fighters against the forces of evil in India. Her freedom fighters remain glorious examples for the rest of the world. She has millennia of great moral and spiritual exemplars - more than in perhaps any other country, one sees many of their images held aloft and worshipped wherever one travels in India. Sadly, as elsewhere, many successes by Indian police and judiciary to stand against corruption will forever go unheralded. A responsible media needs to investigate anti-corruption, and non-corruption, as well as corruption - and hold high as excellent role-modeling (without blunting efforts to expose evils) the positive side, too. But then, of course, we need to address a key problem - good news stories can often founder. The extent to which this happens in any of our societies may be taken as some kind of index as to the state of their maturity".