Pamela Stephenson Protects Celeb ‘Shrink Rap’ Interviewees


Date: 11-02-07

By: Ex Baba admin

Survivors of abuse and (those who support them) who speak out are attacked, vilified and harassed. 

In the article Pamela Stephenson Protects Celeb ‘Shrink Rap’ Interviewees, Barry Pittard writes - at his blogsite - of the British psychologist Pamela Stephenson's strenuous efforts to protect her subjects from unconscionable attackers. She felt ethically compelled, albeit unhappily, to censor footage prior to the release of her BBC television series Shrink Rap.

He notes to the Webmaster, "A similar nastiness of attack is made - including by those such as Dr G. Venkataraman, on his official website, and other Sai Baba defenders, on former devotees. What is the wish of so many former devotees in many countries? What is it that many (although the top leaders do not tell this to the rank-and-file devotees) have asked of the Sathya Sai Organization to do? It has been to request proper third party investigation of abuse allegations made against Sai Baba and certain of those around him. Instead of clarity, these shameless leaders offer smoke-screens. They remain silent about the integrity of those who have brought issues before them personally.

The more we speak with others who have exposed immorality and spiritual betrayal in their gurus, the more do we find remarkable patterns - those of smoke-screening, cover up, denial, and speaking ill of those who have raised serious issues that need to be addressed by any responsible organization".

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"In her recently-made television series Shrink Rap, Pamela Stephenson's famous interview subjects were willing to bare their more vulnerable feelings and lesions, and in a serious way beyond what usually passes for celebrity (so-called) ‘revelations’. Her subjects thus far have been Sharon Osbourne, Stephen Fry, David Blunkett, Sarah Ferguson, and Robin Williams".

"Pamela Stephenson had her own experience of having earlier been one of Great Britain’s best-known television celebrities (and is, moreover, the wife of one of the world’s most famous comedians Billy Connelly). Therefore, the need occurred her to go to still greater editorial lengths to protect her famous interview subjects. She was acutely aware of the extreme readiness of unscrupulous critics to make insensitive and distorted use of what her subjects revealed about themselves".