Dr Naresh Bhatia. Silenced Now In Indian Child Abuse Scourge

Date: 17-04-07

Document date: April 16th, 2007

By: Barry Pittard

The following quotes are from former Sathya Sai Baba College lecturer Barry Pittard's article at: 


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"Dr Bhatia has told me that he still cannot shake off his belief that Sai Baba is Divine even though he knows that Sai Baba has sexually abused very many of his male students and other young males. One may note that the guru tradition in India cannot be readily understood by outsiders. One concept is that one does not criticize one’s guru, no matter what he or she says or does. Rooted in almost timeless history, the grip of the guru and other religious authorities is endemic in India".

"Among my papers, I have a note by a former national leader of the Sathya Sai Organization (who still has not gone public). He had a huge outreach among both Indian and Western devotees. He wrote the note while still a devotee but already going through angst following the upheavals following fusillades of revelations around 2000 in the organization which he and his wife so much loved:

'Talking to some Indian devotees (who by the way are not affected at all and hardly any of them have left) they tell us that it is common knowledge that “Gurus” generally have some of those tendencies'"

"There are also cases when responding so as to put the record right would entail releasing information that is sensitive and should be secure. However, to genuine and bona fide investigators, such as Interpol, leading media and those doing studies with well-accredited tertiary institutions, patently sincere enquirers such as those processing the anguish of leaving Sai Baba, and so on, this constraint is often not present".