Why Might There Be Religious and Political Disconnects?


Date: 09-26-07

By: Ex Baba admin

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Why Might There Be Religious and Political Disconnects?



"These short extracts from Shantanu Dutta’s article, Power of godmen, can provide a stimulus for discussion on the issue - are godmen (and godwomen, one supposes) beneficial or baneful or an intriguing mixture of both?"

"It Can Take Two To Disconnect

And the disconnect no doubt is not just disconnect by politician from spiritual leader, but the reverse as well ... The issue of religious leaders speaking out arises as an explosive one when few speak out. Let only a few do it and they are a novelty - even a shocking one".

"Ought We Disconnect from Disconnected Gurus?

Here are but two questions some of my readers might like to run with their spiritual leaders - whether at a mandir or temple, synagogue, mosque, vihara, church, and so forth:

1. What is our Faith’s specific, injunction or declared statement - if there is one - on sexual abuse?

2. What policy guidelines - if any - are there for dealing with offenses, proved or as yet alleged - within the ranks of the authority or amongst the congregation? (Please be so kind as to write to me with the details. I am interested. Email: bpittard (at) optusnet.com.au)

There is bound to be conflict when a preacher does not grapple with the question of how lay persons can, without great stress - and indeed hypocrisy - act out the precepts in practical and meaningful ways.

That is to say - connected".