Susan Boyle Sings ‘Memory’. Worldwide Audience Not Likely To Forget 


Posted by Barry Pittard on May 25, 2009

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Millions around the world have been deeply moved by both this woman's lovely singing and her true grit. Never has a singer had so many 'hits' on YouTube
Nightingale About To Spread Its Wings 
Susan Boyle (Or: Nightingale About To Spread Its Wings)
Ms Boyle’s Performance of Yesterday
Will We Change Our Ways?
"From my previous article on Susan Boyle, I copy at the foot of this article the lovely and most touching reaction of a young boy and girl to Ms Boyle’s first appearance on ‘Britain’s Got talent’".
The Divine Ms Boyle. Coming World, Ready Or Not 
The Divine Ms Boyle. Coming World, Ready Or Not.
"Of course, one swallow – or, in this case, nightingale - does not make a Spring, and our lesson may not be well enough learnt. Is our judgemental eye-rolling done with? Have we – in relation to what public images of human beings are (allegedly!) ‘acceptable’ – wrestled free from the dictates of Hollywood and Bollywood and the advertizing, fashion and entertainment industries? Supposing Susan Boyle had not been able to sing like an angel".