Official Investigation performed by the Belgium House of Parliament in 1997


Date: 09-09-02

Document date: April 18 1997

By: editors of

On April 18 1997, the House of Parliament in Belgium performed an Official Investigation to the Cult of Sai Baba in India. We found an Official Investigation from the Belgium House of Parliament (in pdf format) from five years ago, in both French and Dutch language.

Except for a few other sects, the Cult of Sai Baba is mentioned in this document too.

The file is rather big, before you can start to have a look on page 81 where Baba is mentioned, you need to download the entire document.

Next a list on page 127 containing cults from 1990 until 1995 in Belgium is published:

19 %    Jehovah's Witnesses
9.8 % Gospel Groups
9.8 %   Scientology
3.7 %   Sky Mahikari.
3 %   Iskcon (Krishna)
3 % Sai Baba
2.8 % Sahaya Yoga
2.7 % Ex Deo Nascimur
2 % Siddha Shiva Yoga (Ganapati)
2 % Het Werk.
25.2 % other cults
17 % other
100 % Total

Finally a short description of the Sai Baba cult in India on page 348 is stated.

According our information, there was no follow up in the media, we are happy to receive some more information in future, you are invited to mail