Three new bills in Italy !!!




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Date: May 7, 2003

Considering that the activity of groups, sects or sectarian associations is a fully developing phenomenon, more and more multiform, all over the world and that even in Italy the spreading, the effect and the social alarm following utter phenomena of mental control, have made topical and necessary legislative measures, some members of the Italian Senate have put in action some specific means, such as Bills whose aim is to oppose “a technique which is able to destroy an individual's identity… a set of influences able to destroy and substitute the system of beliefs, behaviours,  ways of thinking, method of interacting with other human beings. A different mental aspect the individual would never choose and accept as his own identity".

The Meeting in Florence “Minds as Hostages” aims to show a panorama on the present situation; on that occasion three Senators are going to explain their Bills and the reasons that lead them to promote them.

The Senators are: Francesco Bosi, Renato Meduri and Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati. Here below  we report some parts of their Bills.               

BILL N. 4605

Sen. Francesco Bosi

1. According to art. 82 of the Constitution, a Parliamentary Board has been founded in order to inquiry about sects and all the activities linked to them, with the purpose of:

a) verifying the accomplishment of the laws in force, in order to propose a normative solution against the unlawful practices of sects and the damages they cause to society, families and in particular to underage people;

b) verifying their behaviour from a financial and fiscal point of view, and particularly to verify the amount of their patrimony, the international financial links, and their ability to interfere in the economic system of the country;

c) investigating in order to cast light upon the organization of sects and the repercussions it has on the safeguard of public order and the respect of people's right;

d) identifying possible unlawful links with organized crime;

e) controlling the living condition of the underage people who live in their communities and check the compliance to compulsory education;

f) finding the abuses concerning the medical profession;

g) verifying the use of unlawful methods of mind manipulation in order to indoctrinate followers;

h) ascertaining the identity of the phenomenon of the victims of sects with particular concern to physic, psychic and moral damages undergone by former followers and underage people;

i) reporting to Parliament at the end of the work and every time the necessity is recognized.

BILL N. 800

Sen. Renato Meduri 

Art 1.

1. Every person who, by means of violence, threatens, suggestions or any other means, conditions or forces other people's will  so  to create a state of subjections that destroys or limits the freedom to act, the ability to decide and to escape other people's decisions, will be punished being confined for a period from six to twelve years.

2. An aggravating circumstance can be seen if, with the means mentioned in paragraph 1, the victim is lead to perform actions that are dangerous for himself or for other people's physic or psychic integrity.

3. If the facts mentioned in paragraph 1 and 2 concern a person who is under 18 years of age, the sentence cannot be less than 10 years of confinement.

BILL N. 1777

Sen. M. Elisabetta A Casellati

Art 1.

After art. 613 of Penal Code there is the following:

"Art 613-bis – (Mind manipulation).

Everyone who, by using violence, threatens, chemic means, surgical operations, or psychological practices to condition people's personality, creates a state of subjections that destroys or limits the freedom to act, the ability to decide and to escape other people's decisions, in order to lead him to commit an action or an omission seriously detrimental, is punished by being confined for a period from four to eight years.

If this action is committed inside a group that promotes activities that aim to create or exploit psychological or physical dependence in the persons who belong to the group, the punishment mentioned in the first paragraph is increased of a third".