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Date: 04-18-02

By: Editors of

The book: "The Guru Papers, masks of authoritarian power" by Joel Kramer en Diana Altstad is a must read for all who have been on the wrong track at the feet of some guru.

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There is some more information on the back cover of the book below.

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"Easily the most comprehensive, erudite, and timely book in print to explore authoritarianism in religion, institutions, power, the family, intimacy and sexual relations, and personal problems such as addiction... Argue[s)] persuasively that any system of values that places tradition and the past above the imperative to question the present is destined to become increasingly lethal."

--Keith Thompson, San Francisco Chronicle Book Review

"Spells out the dangers of becoming addicted to another's authority in any sphere of life."

-- Times Literary Supplement (London)

"A thorough, wide-ranging analysis of the way power has historically been maintained... Its thesis is elegant and nearly unlimited in its ramifications... [Shows that] authoritarianism... is part of the way we think."

--The New Mexican (Santa Fe)

"The chapter on addiction presents an exciting and provocative new concept about the origin and process of addiction. A must read for therapists and addiction counselors."

-- Ann McKain, Ed.D., President of The American Academy of Psychotherapists, 1994-96

"[Has] the potential to shift readers' minds in a deep way. [The] authors are onto something big - possibly even the root of human error."


DIANA ALSTAD, a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, received a doctorate from Yale University in 1971. She taught in the humanities and initiated and taught the first Women's Studies courses at Yale and Duke.

JOEL KRAMER did post-graduate study in philosophy and psychology was a resident teacher at Esalen Institute (1968-70). The author of The Passionate Mind, he is also an internationally acknowledged adept of psychical and mental yoga. They have written and led seminars together since 1974.

ISBN 1 - 883319-00-5