Brian Steel joines the blogging world


May 2008

I finally joined the blogging world. This new activity is explained in my first blog piece, ‘A Beginning’, which I posted in early April. The blogspot thus supplements my two specialised websites.

What I propose to share, from time to time, are a few ideas, preoccupations, and opinions as well as research on a variety of subjects, including some of the topics with which has dealt for almost a decade. This new more casual blogspot, like a holiday refuge, will allow me to let my “pen” wander, in a more relaxed sort of way, on any suitable topic that attracts my attention, emotions or sense of humour. Hopefully, some of my meanderings and sharings (especially about special books, articles and other information) will appeal to other blogreaders and web surfers as well as to those of you who have followed my several years of research on the Claims of Sathya Sai Baba.

Brian Steel