News from the Russian SSB forum
translated into English by Serguei Badaev

15.05.2005 19:05 "I have just got a phone call from the ashram. Swami is in Whitefield (Bangalore). At recent fall Swami broke his arm and does not feel well. He did not go out for some time. Now darshans resumed. Swami is being transported in a special wheelchair so that his body is almost completely rigid. Despite this, Swami asks everyone to keep calm. 16th May at 7 a.m. a special puja (Agnihotra) will start and will last for 3 days. Puja is likely to be for Baba's recovery. The official aim of the puja has not been announced."

The official announcement is at, when not available anymore, we have kept a copy on our site !

News comment from ExBaba:-

It is of note that - yet again - neither the ashram nor the Sathya Sai Organisation made this new awkward fact public until it leaked out to some devotees and was posted eventually on websites. The same happened when Sai Baba broke his hip last time - there was an official attempt to cover up that and minimise the damage of the news by misleading and even directly absurd statements, also later on by Sai Baba himself. There are many examples of the shameful secrecy of this increasingly cultish movement... whose God Almighty Incarnate (who could never have bad health - according to his earlier claims) is not only crippled, but now has had yet another accident, probably due to chronic osteoarthritis.

We are as calm as can be here. By the way, what use are pujas, for the last lot of prayers to cure him of his hip injury and waddling walk failed totally? NO 'miraculous' effect, perhaps rather to the contrary!


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