New developments


By: Hari Sampath

From: Sai Baba - Anti Christ? Quick Topic Discussion Board, message 1280:

08-02-2001 08:19 PM ET (US)

I had posted some 3 weeks back that in 10 days or so a new round of media expose will start, significantly in the US.

This has started already with the story, and more are following, in the next few days

There is a BIG expose planned in India, over a period of 2 months, it is still in an organizing phase, and when it succeeds ( It certainly will), all the other things done so far would be capped off. This will be the icing on the cake, and the mother of all exposes !!! Please be patient.

Over the next 10 days, there will be more media exposes in North and South America.


Hari Sampath