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Date: 07-01-02

From 'our man in Canberra' comes the promising news as circulated to SSO leaders in Australia.

"Educare Seminar III - 14th. September 2002

sairam all,

Since the response for the earlier two seminars especially the second one has been extremely poor, we request you to provide the number of people who would be attending the third seminar on 14th. September 2002. It is not necessarily essential for some one to have attended the first two to attend the third. Since a lot of time and effort goes into preparation and running of these seminars, we would request the Chairpersons to provide the numbers so that we can decide if we need to go ahead as planned.

The youth leaders are also requested to please specify the numbers since no youth participated in the earlier two seminars.

sairam & regards,

yeshwanth enjeti