The End is at Hand?


Date: 03-20-03

By: editors

News source:

Sai Baba has got more trouble with walking and seems to be in pain while giving darshan.

The 'master' himself declares having 'no pain at all' and according his own point of view, his body is becoming 'very magnetic' and this should be the reason why is 'feet are getting stuck to the ground and he has to use force to lift his feet when walking'...



From:  "Laura"

Date:  Sun Mar 16, 2003   7:50 p.m.

Subject:  Fwd: Swami news

Sai Ram all,

As some of you may know and notice that Swami seems to have difficulty walking and seems to be in pain while giving darshan.

This morning, Sun 16th Mar, Swami made a surprise discourse after the morning darshan. In that speech, he reminded us of the need to be in good company, that is Sat and to give up animal qualities and become human & divine.

He later told the large crowd about His body which He said was becoming very magnetic and He has difficulty walking because His feet will get stuck to the ground and He has to used force to lift his feet when walking. He told the devotees that He has no pain at all and

He repeated this many times. He told that devotees were sending all sort of medicines and oilments to Him as it was their imagination that He was in pain. He told that this magnetic power is growing stronger and stronger everyday and as magnet attracts iron filings, the whole world will be attracted to Him.

You will see larger and larger crowds day by day and soon there will not be standing space even to catch a glimpse of Him.

The discourse started at about 8am and ended at about 9am. Normal bhajans continued after that. Swami was standing up the whole time he was giving the speech.

So there you have it. His power is getting stronger and larger crowds will be at His lotus feet.

I see if there is going to be a printout or some fuller version on the internet in the next few days and will post it accordingly.

Jai Sai Ram




Well, well... while Baba and his devotees are making a great spiritual issue of it, we would like to simplify the whole matter, according the remarks of Sanjay Dadlani on:

Stupid Sai Baba has got arthritis which has got worse.

Instead of admitting this geriatric medical condition, he explains away the problem of his feet sticking and dragging along the floor as an indication that his magnetic power is INCREASING, and this is proof that people will soon be drawn to see him from all over the world.

Instead of talking nonsense, why doesn't he just admit that he has WORSENING ARTHRITIS.