Two major new essays from Robert



Date: 04-10-02

By: Robert Priddy



With an introduction from Brian Steel:

"Robert Priddy has recently produced 2 major new essays based on his longtime close friendship with V.Narasimhan, who was for many years the Editor of 'Sanathana Sarathi' and very close to SB."

V.K. Narasimhan - a requiem

Containing the following themes:- Editor of Sanathana Sarathi -- My close connection with VKN: -- Karmic Inter-connections? -- SB's meeting famous spiritual men -- Common sense vs. diverse SB claims -- No cure for the favourite of SB: -- Select Bibliography

V.K. Narasimhan - a legacy

Containing the following themes:- VKN's scepticism of omniscience, omnipotence -- VKN's ridicule of miracles -- VKN and SB's 'manifestations -- 'VKN's views on avatarhood -- VKN under subtle SB pressures