Failure of the Sathya Sai 'Educare

Programme' in Australia


Date: 03-23-02

By: Robert Priddy


The Sathya Sai Organisation has launched a world-wide system they call 'Educare', which all the bosses are very keen to promote. It aims to start Sathya Sai Schools and High Schools wherever it can get a foot in the door. A lot of money is available for it from rich donors, the Danish SS Org. received $6million for Educare, and they have bought a castle near Copenhagen for the purpose. The syllabus is based on a common teaching system but runs at the intellectual level of an average Sunday school. It claims to be 'universal' but in practice it is a largely a cultish programme having no connection with any other form of educational resource or research produced by the science, culture and history of mankind. It's proponents believe it will reform the entire world! How Educare and their figurehead's constant dropping of boys pants for oily massage and more fit together they have evidently yet to think very hard about! But it seems that members of the Organisation are doing some thinking along those lines themselves, to judge by the poor response. Here is a communication from the central office of the Australian Organisation - forwarded to us by our man in Canberra.

"The first of the above seminars was held on the 2nd. March 2002. These seminars have been devised keeping in mind the responses from the centers for such seminars. We covered the basics in the first round and are planning the second round where we wish to incorporate role plays to apply Educare for our living in family and work place. We were expecting about 120 people based on the numbers given by chairpersons but the turn out was about 60. Also the response from the youth was extremely poor. I think it is important that every one cooperates when such important events are planned especially based on what the members want. The next seminar is on 14th. June 2002 and I would expect that you would encourage all your members including the youth. Thank you for your cooperation.

"sairam & regards, yeshwanth enjeti"

Meanwhile, in the minutes of the Australian Co-ordinating Committee of the SS Organisation, 26 January, 2002, we read the following cryptic material:-

"Muruwillumbah Sai School: Bro. Bangaru Naido spoke about the Australian Sai School. Swami has said that this is the only Sai school and hence we should put in our best efforts to contribute to its success. All the orange footballs handed over to all Centre chairpersons are requested to be brought back so that the collections can be sent to the Sai school. A number of orange footballs are still with members. Please return them as soon as possible. Bro Bangaru Naidoo spoke of good contributions coming forward towards this school."

"Orange footballs"? Yes, They are the till boxes for money collections! Why the code? As a cover-up of what they really are?