The definitive round-up to date of Sathya Sai Baba's false claims - Part One.




Date: 12-02-04


By: Brian Steel

This is the definitive round-up to date of compelling evidence of SSB's credibility gap as a storyteller, by Brian Steel. The major documentation is taken from SSB's translated Discourses.

The titles below indicate the contents of this extensive and detailed dossier at


Stories about SSB's Childhood and Family, and of the Early Years of His Mission.

1. Schoolmates and Claims of Miraculous Cheating in Examinations

2. The Amazing Wolf Messing Anecdotes

3. The Shirdi Sai Baba Story Under the Spotlight

Stories about Jesus Christ in Christmas Discourses

Confused Biographical Memories

Claiming Credit and Name-Dropping

1. Jesus and "Ba-Ba"

2. A Nobel Prize for SSB?

3. The World Bank Does Business Directly with SSB?

Further Basic Confusions: Errors and Discrepancies about Religions

Christianity and Judaism

The Quran

General Knowledge

Verifiable Exaggeration

Dictionaries and Theology

More Numbers and Statistics

False and Conflicting Etymologies

SSB's Bland Yugadi Predictions for Local Consumption