Good News from Denmark !!!


Date: 04-03-02

By: Robert Priddy (on news from Anders Thisted from Denmark)



Due to the opposition from the Mayor and local residents, the Sai Organisation in Denmark has given up its attempt to buy the famous Arresødal Castle for its planned Sai High School as part of its so-called Educare programme run by the European Central Coordinator, T. Meyer and funded from the US with $6 million. The property was due to be handed over to the Danish Sai Organisation, on April 2nd. A demonstration headed by the Mayor of Fredriksværk, Helge Friis, was planned by local residents. More than 2,000 signatures of protest had already been collected.

The major part in all this was played by the film shown on Danish TV called 'Seduced', which was planned and directed by Øjvind Kyrø working for Danish Radio, with helpful assistance from various exposé persons around the world. This is a major victory behind which the work of all the international exposé people stand, so congratulations all round! One less Sai High School - for the present at least. The Danish lot will not give up, but they are keeping a very low profile in Denmark now, for Jørgen Trygved, Chairman of the school fund board, said they would look around and start up somewhere else in Europe, not in Denmark. They intended doubtless that their school would recruit sons (and even daughters, who knows?) from Sai followers in Scandinavia generally... and from abroad.

Mr. Trygved stated that they would be unable to invite international researchers, artists and foreign guests there in case they were subjected to annoyances. It is doubtful indeed whether any notable researchers would bother to visit any Educare institution, not only because they would not want to be associated with a school bearing the name of a person who is so widely accused of sexual molestation and pedophile activities, besides being beyond the law and unaccountable for anything to anyone. The standard of education to be expected there, judging by previous seminars and workshops and the literature that has been made available through the past 15 years, is far from impressive and is ill-suited to a modern society since it is highly likely from experience that open discussion of such matters as freedom, democracy, sexuality and justice are virtually banned. I say this as one who was initially involved in the educational planning of Education in Human Values with Thorbjørn Meyer and others about 15 years ago, but which work I left due to the lack of openness and serious shortcomings in intellectual excellence and administrational openness, as have also several other teachers for similar reasons.

One is tempted to ask, was it ever really Sai Baba's plan to have this school in Denmark? He had certainly given his blessing to it. Ah! But the Avatar works in extraordinary ways. Or perhaps he is just losing his omnipotent touch? Is it perhaps a case of Sai Baba propose, man disposes?