The Guardian newspaper of UK questions the Duke of Edinburgh Award

Date: 11-08-06

By: Exbaba Admin

Reference: Two scans of the Guardian newspaper article, divided in top and bottom part (because of the largeness of the newspaper).

The Guardian newspaper for November 4, 2006 (Link not available anymore? Click here!),  reports on the Duke of Edinburgh award to Sai Baba Youth UK under the heading "The Indian living god, the paedophilia claims and the Duke of Edinburgh awards". The recently much publicised In July a Sai Organisation local project in London received a certificate for the awards at a Buckingham Palace garden party. A news story which appeared on the official International Sai Organisation website exaggerated the significance of this small local award at length and were made to remove it after an intervention by the Awards' Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Peter Westgarth, who stated "the event had been misrepresented".  

This article has been referenced by several websites around the world so far.
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