Is this the way Sai Baba pleads



Date: 04-23-02

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Obviously Baba wants to have Free Action, continuing with what he is already doing for years, molesting males and more...

Reading about the accusations on Internet, devotees must not care, because 'they should not be attracted to the form' (form = Sai Baba himself) ...

Well, isn't this a Splendid Escape for the Great Deceiver from India?

Is this the way Baba pleads Guilty?

Is this the way he says 'Goodbye'?

Is... the End of Baba at Hand?

How many of you were present last year when Indulal Shah, the president of the World Sai Organisation, came and spoke to us. He brought with him a personal message from Sai Baba, which he passed on, to us under the heading of 'Swami's final instructions'. Now why would Sai Baba choose these particular words? 'Final instructions' - final before what? In this personal message Sai Baba made some quite amazing statements such as:

"Do not concern yourselves with what I said before 1996. Do not become devotees of my form, become devotees of my teachings. Do not worship my form or the form of any past avatars. Get rid of all the photographs of me and the statues of deities on your altars."

It is apparent that Sai Baba is trying to bring about a shift in the way we relate to him and, indeed, to all avatars. He wants us to go beyond the physical form.