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Guru Bids for Catholic Church Sorry, I'm not available andrieskd
(33/M/Amsterdam, Netherlands)
2/23/02 6:15 am
Dissociated Press, February 41, 2002

Indian guru Sathya Sai Baba today made an unsolicited bid to take over the Roman Catholic Church.

In a press release, Sai Baba said: "Despite, or perhaps even because of, certain issues within the Church, we feel that the combination of our organizations can yield strong synergies which will be to our, or at any rate, my, advantage, concerning sharing of resources related to serving our young people."

His Holiness, pope John Paul II, was said by aides to be "carefully considering" the offer, which reportedly includes transfer to the pope of certain documentary materials related to his personal activities.

Acceptance of the offer would require approval of Jesus Christ, which the pope would seek through prayer.

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